BREAKING: Trump Announces “U.S. – Mexico Trade Agreement,” Scrapping NAFTA Name

Says he will put tariffs on Canadian-made cars unless Canada negotiates “fairly.”

U.S. President Donald Trump, in a call from the oval office with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, have announced the “U.S. – Mexico Trade Agreement.”

Trump has announced that the NAFTA name will be scrapped, due to a “bad connotation” with the name.

The U.S. & Mexico reached agreement on issues particularly the manufacturing sector and the auto sector.

Now, the U.S. will use the deal with Mexico as leverage over Canada, with Trump saying Canadian-made cars will be hit with tariffs if Canada doesn’t “negotiate fairly.”

Here’s what Trump said about Canada:

That would absolutely devastate the Canadian auto sector, and Trump appears to be setting up the Trudeau government to be forced to chose between Supply Management and the Canadian auto sector.

This situation represents the epic failure of Justin Trudeau’s and Chrystia Freeland’s strategy. Our leverage is gone, “solidarity” with Mexico was a massive mistake, and the virtue-signalling/lecturing approach has left Canada in a horrendously vulnerable situation.

Trump’s announcement can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

“Trump appears to be setting up the Trudeau government to be forced to chose between Supply Management and the Canadian auto sector.” Ditto for Scheer who clearly revealed that he is in the back pocket of the dairy cartel.


Yep. Scheer must not be allowed to escape media scrutiny. I noticed he talks about this and that but is silent on his support for the Dairy cartels.


Trudeau and Scheer are both Supply Management supported. Watch for Bernier to make a run up the middle and grab supporters from all other Parties. The coming election could be a shock for Canadian politics. Pussy hat bigots and dimples just don’t do it for most Canadians.

alan skelhorne

why do you have to put a negative spin on mr. scheer. where did you get that from. your nothing but a liberal troll. i have been watching you for over a week now. its ok to love your mr. prissypanys in ottawa, but real canadians can see what this pos is doing to our country. but you, yes you are blaming mr. scheer. have i been asleep n mr. scheer is the new pm. really mr.voss go n try your stupidity somewhere else like the toronto star.

Sylvain Lamoureux

Can you blame him? Look at the idiots he has to deal with from Canada. Adding gender clauses in a trade deal? Pushing your SJW agenda and telling other countries how to take care of their social issues made us look weak. The liberals mix everything in one pot.

Ron Voss

As a result of smoking pot.


Trudeau and the rest of those liberal flunkies…. Complete Fail ! Boot them OUT


Under the new Mexican president, he wasted no time doing trade with USA for the betterment of his people and jobs.
Jihadi Trudeau is not worried at all for Canada. He has his special brand of people whom he cares deeply for and will stick to them and their views.
Jobs and businesses will just continue to leave Canada since they can’t get any confidence from Trudeau.

Jill Ward

I’m willing to bet trudeau is going to blame this all on Trump and canadians will, as they have been doing since the sociopath took office, believe him and so our continued slide down the third world sewer will gain momentum. Unless Canadians suddenly become INFORMED AND TRUE PATRIOTS, I don’t see a thing changing as the complete destruction of Canada and our lives/futures continues under trudeau and his anti canadian regime. I still say he will be voted in again- with a majority -not that it matters because the left is the only way the liberals and the ndp… Read more »


Well it could have been solved almost immediately with Canada IF we had a Canadian government, obviously foreign controlled puppets who hate Canadians, can not negotiate or even want to. The pretend puppets have destroyed the oil pipelines agreements, brought in thousands of people, unable to work as we are to have even less jobs again they are unethical and worse, higher taxes, put us in way more debt when the economy should be booming and spend outrages amounts of money on other countries etc. So when Trump again++ attempts to make a deal with Canada, will the puppets pretend… Read more »

Ron Werner

Because of Trudeau’s mishandling Canada is now in a pinch.
Since when did we sell cars made in Canada to the US? Its a bugger getting a US made car up here. Or are the US manufacturers making the US cars here and then importing?


Why is it everybody forgets to include Scheer who also supports the Dairy/Poultry Trade Boards?

Ron Voss

And America’s stock market soars in response:
Will Trudeau remain firm on his public pronouncement that he (with a boost from Scheer) will not give up on the dairy cartel’s supply management? In his speech at the convention Scheer sounded anti-Trump, saying, for example, that Trump is “anti-free trade” and that Canada should look elsewhere for trading partners.


Pretty damn simple. If the trade deal will hurt Ontario over PQ, then to bad for Ontario.


Gee, who could have predicted this? EVERYONE except the idiot Trudeau and his band of fools. Because of Trudeau and Freeland erroneously thinking they were in a position of power, despite being warned by EVERYONE, and thinking they were going to have their way and dictate their terms to Trump, we are now in a powerless position where the US will leave us in their dust. Trump+Trudeau=Disaster for Canada


its harpers fault some how


just scap nafta, stop oil export and other natural resources to the u..s….

Ben Eby

You are right on Jill. How any Canadian could side with our idiotic PM, when he initially attacked Trump, after the president had left Canada, is well beyond my imagination, and as well, taking that position clearly indicates we are not a politically astute nation. Uninformed Canadians, amazingly applauded Trudeau, who with his silly actions, was risking a trade agreement with the worlds largest economy, in order to fake a hilariously failed, tough-guy stance, against a far superior opponent.

Bernard Gutchinsonv

Well exactly what happened is what most believed would happen and if JJT doesn’t relent on the Dairy Cartel in Canada then we’ll be forced to pay tarrifs on Canadian cars & trucks & that means the auto sector will be devasted & we can say good bye to the auto sector & 160, 000 jobs in that sector plus alm the spin off! So yes, this is what Trudeau & Gerald Butts wants is to destroy the auto sector plus they pushed out billions in oil & gas revenues for that sake of their stupid environment, gender equality, virtue… Read more »


Hey Spencer:

Is there any way we could get a voting system going here? I am sure there are lots of people who would prefer to click on an up-vote to show agreement and support rather than have to submit comments. I think there would be a lot more participation numbers. Advertisers like numbers.

Chris vrecko

Agreed on ALL comments!

Brian D.

Huh?????? You’re calling Ron a “liberal troll”? No disrespect intended to someone who despises “prissypants” Alan–But Sheer is quite openly a stooge of the dairy cartel. What contrary evidence do you have? Why do you think Maxime Bernier left Scheer’s party? Did you not listen to Scheer at the Halifax convention? Unless Scheer is play acting for the MSM–He too would throw the auto industry to the curb–for the sake of a handful of well-to-do dairy farmers. This is a very troubled country. What’s left of it.


Canada TARIFFS OUR STUFF 300% – nothing wrong with us putting tariffs on them!
If they want to be able to sell their stuff in the USA it should go both ways!!!