Canadian Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Can Afford,” But Trudeau Gave $33 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Help Veterans From Afghanistan’s Military

How can the Trudeau government justify taking our own Veterans to court while they spend money on injured Veterans in a foreign country?

I recently wrote about how Justin Trudeau claims we have so-called “international obligations” to illegal border crossers, even as the federal government fights Canadians in Veterans in court arguing that there’s no obligation to injured Canadian Veterans.

After I wrote about that total disloyalty from Trudeau, some people brought up a story from 2017 that shows Trudeau’s hypocrisy goes even deeper.

We all remember how Justin Trudeau said injured Canadian Veterans were asking for “more than we can afford to give.”

But as people have pointed out, in 2017 the Trudeau government gave $33 million taxpayer-dollars to a rehab centre for injured members of the Afghanistan military.

As noted by the Toronto Red Star on September 20, 2017, “The Foreign Affairs department confirmed that Ottawa recently contributed $33 million, through NATO’s trust fund for the Afghan National Army, for the construction of the Kabul Military National Hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre.”

The report also pointed out “Canada — which had a military mission in Afghanistan for more than a decade — would be the largest donor to the Kabul facility, paying half the cost of the project. It is meant to accommodate 100 military and police personnel as well as civilians injured as a result of the country’s conflicts. An attached facility would house 20 women medical students in training. The goal would be to have the centre built by 2019.”

The cause itself is a good one, as injured Veterans from the Afghanistan military should get good treatment. However, it’s simply not acceptable for Canadian taxpayer dollars to be spent on that. Canadian politicians could have used their social media platforms to encourage people to donate through private-sector means. A tweet or video from Trudeau could have raised lots of money.

But instead, the government took money from Canadian taxpayers – money which should be staying within our country – and gave it to Veterans in another country while saying our own Veterans are asking for too much.

That is a disgrace.

Canadian taxpayer money should be spent on Canadians, and the government must take care of our own Veterans.

Spencer Fernando

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