Ending Birthright Citizenship Is A Great Idea

With the Trudeau Liberals and the elites trying to destroy the meaning of Canadian Citizenship, the People need to push back.

The elites are predictably attacking the Conservatives after Conservative delegates voted to end “birthright citizenship” – the idea that a child born within Canada’s borders is automatically ‘Canadian’ regardless of their parents immigration status.

The Canadian Press said “Critics on social media accused the Conservatives of supporting a policy that could lead to stateless children, prompting Scheer to issue a statement late Sunday saying that while the policy did not specifically target ending birth tourism, “ending birth tourism will be among the objectives of our policy.”

Of course, the establishment media and the elites oppose every effort to strengthen Canadian Citizenship, and always put the interests of non-citizens over Canadians, so it’s no surprise that they are attacking the Conservatives.

But those attacks don’t change the fact that ending “birthright citizenship,” and requiring that at least one parent be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident for citizenship to be passed on is a good move.

The meaning of Canadian Citizenship is under attack by the Trudeau government, who want to turn our country into a weakened and meaningless “post-national state.”

Trudeau has fought for convicted terrorists to retain their citizenship, tried to weaken the Citizenship Guide, and serves non-Canadians over Canadians every chance he gets (AKA open borders). He is deliberately attempting to wipe out what it means to be Canadian, and that must be fought against.

So, any push-back against Trudeau’s agenda is essential to fight for the internal strength of Canada, and ending birthright citizenship is a step in the right direction. The more the elites attack the idea, the more obvious it is that it’s the correct path.

Spencer Fernando

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For years people from around the world have been taking advantage of flying into Canada 7 months pregnant staying 4 months and then fly home with their Canadian baby. This is stupid that we would allow this. It cheapens our citizenship.

Brian Dougan

And guess who pays their hospital bills?


We all knew this, Mr. Harper even warned us, We need a new medicare since it seems there are way too many deaf people who also can’t read, or think clearly, maybe too many prescribed drugs? or other kinds, or probably just don’t care. My grown up children keep telling me mom you can not do anything, just hope for the best, be happy, but they are the first ones to call if they hear political news they think I need to know LOL. I think the Conservatives are on the right track, they will work things out calmly with… Read more »



Ed Peebles


With Liberals supporting wide open borders and encouraging illegals to bypass the legal entry points, it makes our Canadian passports not much more than expensive Butts wipe. A Saskatchewan rancher or farmer could easily level a bit of a field, spread some gravel and we could drive right across the border. Trudeau wouldn’t give a damn and the RCMP wouldn’t need to provide valet service. Run Googlemap at any border crossing in the Prairies and you will often see nothing more than a run down fence or just a strip of grass between American and Canadian fields designating the Border.… Read more »

JD MacDonald

I think something needs to be done about “birth tourism”—where someone pops into Canada, has a baby, and then heads back to their home country ASAP with a newly minted “get-into-Canada-free card” in hand. It’s unacceptable and unsustainable, to say the least. That said, I do think children born in Canada should have a right to at least “earn their citizenship”. Perhaps a new set of rules—including strict residency requirements for the parents (or at least one parent) and the child—would be a possible solution. “Be born in Canada to parents who live here (as students, temporary workers, or landed… Read more »


I keep hoping for better from Scheer. His statement sounds like Trudeau-speak; let’s not take responsibility let’s weasel out of the situation. What a submissive response, can we really believe he’ll actually stand for anything when he behaves in this manner. A real leader needs to be firm not apologetic. Take a stand and own it Scheer.

And what a deviant argument from the critics. Not confering citizenship on a child conveniently born in Canada does not render them stateless they belong to the country the parents came from.

Wendy Lush

With Trudeau’s open borders and decades of handing out Canadian citizenships like raffle tickets, we are starting to wonder what it is to be a Canadian. That old spirit that was part of the real authentic Canada is being replaced with something akin to being member of a club – an international club. An international insurance club actually. The country ends up being a mish-mash of strangers. No cohesion and no common ground. Did we ask for this? No. This was imposed on us by the powers that be who chose quantity (300,000/year) over quality. I’m also in favor of… Read more »