FAIL: Justin Trudeau Tries Putting Positive Spin On Evaporation Of Canada’s NAFTA Leverage

Our auto industry is now facing a serious threat.

Justin Trudeau has commented publicly following Donald Trump’s announcement of the “U.S. – Mexico Trade Agreement.”

Here’s what Trudeau said:

“We are encouraged by the optimism expressed by the U.S. and Mexico” and are ready to “continue the hard work of modernizing and negotiating a better deal for all of us,” Trudeau said in Nanaimo. “But we also recognize that we will only sign a good deal for Canadians.”

“We know that there have been moments of positive enthusiasm and momentum over the past months as this progresses, we seem to be in a more positive moment now, but we’re just going to keep focused on doing the work we need to do to get to the right place for Canadians,” Trudeau said. “We’re working to achieve a good deal, not just any deal.”

This is deceptive spin attempting to mask failure.

The truth is that Canada’s negotiating leverage has evaporated, and our auto sector is now at risk. Mexico has negotiated a deal in which they are protected from auto tariffs from the U.S., while that tariff threat is now being applied to Canada.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly brought up supply management, which Trump sees as an unacceptable barrier to U.S. dairy products entering Canada. The Trudeau government has said they won’t budge on it, meaning the government could end up being forced into a choice between supply management or the Canadian auto industry.

It didn’t have to be this way, as there was a window for a quick Canada-U.S. bilateral deal last year – when the U.S. was for more upset with Mexico. But instead of taking that opportunity, the Trudeau government went on a virtue-signalling tour, and talked about “solidarity” with Mexico – something that Mexico wasn’t foolish enough to reciprocate when they got their own bilateral deal done.

Trudeau and Freeland’s failure has put Canada in an incredibly weak situation, and Trudeau’s “everything is fine” rhetoric makes him look even more incompetent and out of touch.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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