TRUTH: Jason Kenney Reminds Everyone That When Stephen Harper Proposed Bilateral NAFTA Talks Between Canada & The U.S., The Trudeau Liberals “Ridiculed Him.” Now, Mexico Has A Deal And We Don’t.

Trudeau and Freeland have ZERO idea what they’re doing, and ignored good ideas from those who are actually competent. Now, Canada is in a horrendous position and our country was played by Mexico.

As Canada’s NAFTA negotiating position collapses, The Trudeau government is desperately hoping that everyone in Canada has a short memory.

They’re hoping that everyone forgets how they dismissed and ignored everyone (including yours truly), who said that Canada should consider a bilateral deal with the U.S. – especially since the U.S. had far larger issues with Mexico originally when it came to trade.

But Alberta United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney isn’t letting people forget:

“When @stephenharper suggested some months ago that Canada pursue bilateral negotiations with the US and disaggregate from Mexico, Liberals ridiculed him. But now Mexico has succeeded in pursuing bilateral negotiations with the US, leaving Canada on the sidelines. The irony.”

As noted by Kenney, former PM Stephen Harper had been saying for some time that Canada was getting too close to Mexico (Trudeau & Freeland’s pathetically stupid “solidarity” strategy), and that we should move towards negotiation one-on-one with the U.S.

At the time, the Trudeau Liberals dismissed Harper’s suggestion, accused him of playing “political games,” and doubled down on solidarity.

But Mexico – instead of being foolish – looked after the interests of their own country, and jumped at the chance to get a deal done with the U.S. Mexico was smart, mimicking Trudeau & Freeland’s solidarity talk to buy time, during which they improved their relationship with the U.S. Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberals used that time to distance themselves from the U.S.

Now, Canada is on the outside looking in, key issues were decided without our input, our leverage is gone, our auto sector and broader economy is at risk, and the federal government has sent the message that they are weak and can be manipulated by anyone.

And worst of all, the combination of anti-Canadianism, over-confidence, and total incompetence that defines the Trudeau government guarantees that even more brutal failures lie ahead.

Spencer Fernando

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