Bergen Pushes Back After McKenna Says Women In Politics Should Be Supported Solely Based On Gender

Another terrible McKenna tweet.

Catherine McKenna recently said she thinks Twitter is reaching the end of its useful life.

Of course, McKenna doesn’t like Twitter anymore, since she regularly gets called out on her terrible tweets.

Ironically though, that hasn’t stopped her from tweeting.

In response to Lisa Raitt saying “I would never have been allowed in the Liberal Party, because when I succeed, I don’t want it to be because of some quota from the Prime Minister’s Office. I want to succeed because I know I earned it,” Catherine McKenna tweeted this:

“Really strange comment. Women should be supporting women from all parties not trying to diminish them and their achievements.”

What McKenna is saying is that women should be supported based only on their gender, rather than on things like ideas and competence.

Conservative MP & Opposition House Leader Candice Bergen pushed back:

“. do you actually believe that women are suppose to “support” other women just because we are the same gender?? Why can’t women be like men and support pple & ideas they agree with & criticize pple and ideas they disagree w, regardless of gender w/out being shamed??”

Bergen’s response is perfect, and shows a respect for women as individuals. Meanwhile, McKenna is playing the identity politics game again.

What makes McKenna’s tweet even worse is that she said nothing in defence of Lisa Raitt when Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau called Raitt a “neanderthal.”

With McKenna, it’s hypocrisy, pandering, and incompetence all in one.

Spencer Fernando

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