BROKEN SYSTEM: While The Government Fights Veterans In Court, Veterans Affairs Is Treating The PTSD Of A Murderer Who Never Served In The Military

What the hell.

There is growing anger among Canadians after reports emerged that Veterans Affairs Canada is covering the treatment costs of a murderer with PTSD.

The murderer is Christopher Garnier (who Never served in the Canadian military), who strangled 36-year-old Police officer Catherine Campbell to death.

Garnier was convicted of second-degree murder in 2017.

Absurdly, Garnier’s lawyer argued that Garnier had PTSD as a result of killing Campbell.

And now, Veterans Affairs is paying for it.

As noted in a report, “Testimony from an expert during the same hearing revealed that the treatment is being covered by Veterans Affairs Canada, the federal department that is responsible for benefits and services provided to veterans, as a result of his father’s status as a veteran. The court heard Vince Garnier, who had served in the Canadian Forces also suffers from PTSD and that getting treatment for his son helps both of them.”

Colin Saunders – a strong advocate for Canadian Veterans and a man who served our country as a Sergeant in the Armed Forces slammed this horrendous state of events:

“I’m outraged. Quite simply outraged. How is it that veterans are waiting a year or a year-plus to get treatment, some of whom who never do, but we have a guy who has committed murder and is now getting treatment on behalf of Veteran Affairs.”

Good question.

Added Saunders, “The onus is on the family members to prove that it somehow benefits the member as well and a lot of the time guys are getting denied. I really am shocked, truly shocked that someone who committed murder is getting help and our tax dollars are paying for it.”

This is an absolute disgrace, and shows how horribly broken Veterans Affairs is.

After serving our nation, putting their lives on the line, and coming back home with mental and physical injuries, Canadian Veterans have to fight against the government in court and through the bureaucracy to get the help they were promised – and often don’t get the help.

But meanwhile, a convicted murderer who never served is getting his treatment funded.

Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

The treatment of Canadian Veterans in this country must change. Even if it costs billions, then it needs to be spent. Those who served our nation must be put first, and anything less is totally unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando

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