“Feminist Government Team” Within Trudeau Government Wants To PAY Businesses To Preferentially Hire Immigrants & Refugees

Report by Blacklocks Reporter reveals absurd ideas emerging from a Trudeau government Privy Council “think tank.”

Blacklocks Reporter has a new story revealing some crazy thinking within the Trudeau government Privy Council.

According to the report, “Staff in a report Feminist Government suggested cabinet fund a so-called Social Impact Bond to award cash grants to small and medium-sized sized businesses that give preferential hiring to immigrants and refugees. “The team decided on a focus that would reduce the number of immigrant and refugee women who are not making use of their qualifications and skills in their working lives in Canada,” wrote a ten-member panel that authored Feminist Government.”

The government reported was created by the “Feminist Government Team” which “includes employees with the departments of Foreign Affairs, Indigeneous Affairs, Infrastructure and Labour, the National Research Council, Office for the Status of Women and Shared Services Canada.”

Notably, the government didn’t name any of the ‘experts’ they supposedly consulted. They also didn’t say if “any business groups or taxpayers’ advocates” were involved in drafting the report.

This all sounds like a joke: A “Feminist Government Team” proposing that taxpayer money be used to give preferential hiring to non-citizens. But under this government, things that seem like jokes have become part of the ‘governing’ process.

That’s why it’s no surprise to read in the Blacklocks report that “The study did not calculate the cost or benefits, or impact on young Canadian unemployed.”

Of course not. Because taking the time to calculate that would require caring about the well-being of Canadian Citizens.

You can read the full Blacklocks Reporter article here.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Shaw

Sure no problem as an employer I’ll hire them but I charge one million apiece , and think that’s a bargain . Besides if ToDumb , mr potato head can give three plus million to a terrorist , than he can afford my employer charge, what a bargain !

Jill Ward

and the eradication of what is left of we Canadians here in the former canada continues unabated- and WE NOT ONLY ALLOW IT , WE SUPPORT ,VOTE AND PAY/REWARD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Get used to it. It will only triple when Trudeau gets his 2nd term; and he will get it!

Jill Ward

no doubt Maryam Monsef , Ahmed D. Hussen , Iqra Khalid and trudeau all support this ! After all they ALL HATE CANADA AND WE CANADIANS WITH A PASSION !!! But sure do LOVE OUR MONEY!!!!!


There have been similar schemes in the past, usually designed to help immigrants and refugees with foreign professional degrees gain the necessary Canadian experience and English (or French) language skills so as to be able to work in their professions.


Prioritizing and assisting Professionals has to be the main objective. I had to give up going to a Doctor here because she added a foreign Doctor to the staff who I couldn’t understand at all.

Gonzo the Magnificent

This sort of behavior has a tendency to drive labour rates down. Just a fact of economic life. Oh. maybe we need MORE government intervention to insure this doesn’t happen.

shawn harris

So now, Trudeau, the champion of human rights and freedoms, is openly thinking about violating our rights, our laws, that govern against discrimination based upon ethnic origin, colour, sex, nationality and race etc. The hypocrisy, the treasonousness of Trudeau, who is only too willing to betray both our constitution, our rights and freedoms and discriminate against all Canadians, just to curry favour with these same illegal immigrants and buy their votes. All to somehow, in his twisted way of thinking, give them a helping hand, while ignoring, demonizing and dismissing the valid concerns of all Canadians. This whole idea, is… Read more »


What in God’s name is a “Feminist Government Team”? These idiots clearly have mental problems. Companies sure can use some assistance in helping legal immigrants to obtain employment in their chosen fields, but they must first qualify to meet Canadian standards including language skills. Simply paying money to hire someone is really really dumb. The Feds have to provide and pay for that transition. Dumping that responsibility on businesses simply won’t work. This is where supporting legal immigrants is important and restricting illegals. It is no stretch to see that a company will “hire” a migrant, get the money, then… Read more »

Marielle Major

I really hope that all who voted for Trudeau regrets it bad!……he is so unqualified to be PM…can everyone see his true colours?…..it is very disturbing to me that he GIVES money to other countries might I add who supports terrorists, when our country Canada is falling away under his leadership!!!….VERY DISTURBING!

Moe. S.

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” George Carlin

Wendy Lush

Is it April 1st already?


Wow! I understand that immigrants and refugee’s need to work, improve their English and advance in the workplace but paying Canadian Companies to hire immigrants and refugee’s “before” Canadians, is absurd. Great for immigrants….bad for Canadians. How are Canadians supposed to pay their bills, rent, groceries and support their children? Why are Canadians being pushed aside for Trudeau’s new immigrants? Canada is losing businesses all the time. Bankruptcy, bills too high, increase in wages, high rent and many are going to the States and China, etc., where it’s cheaper to run a company, wages are lower and profit is higher.… Read more »