Following Deal With Mexico, Trump Administration Demanding Concessions On Supply Management

“They may have some problems with the kinds of concessions we need,” says U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross when talking about Canada.

The Trump Administration is pushing for Canada to make concessions on supply management.

Following their deal with Mexico – that didn’t include Canada – the U.S. has increased leverage over Canada, and is using that leverage to push their interests in the dairy sector.

Both U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Trump’s National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow, made clear that they want supply management to be put on the table, as noted by the CP:

“They may have some problems with the kinds of concessions we need,” Ross told the Fox Business News program Mornings With Maria.

“They’ve been very bad to our farmers, particularly to our dairy farmers. The president has made clear that’s not something that’s agreeable to him.”

Kudlow told the Fox show Varney and Co. that Trump would “love” to make a deal with Canada. But he said it has to be “a good deal which is in the interests of the American economy, the American workforce, American farmers.”

As he announced the deal with Mexico, Trump once again brought up tariffs on American dairy products entering Canada, saying “We’re not going to stand for that.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized the supply management system, and has threatened a 25% tariff on Canadian-made cars entering the U.S. if the issue is not resolved.

While most of the Canadian political class – including Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer – have opposed putting supply management on the table in NAFTA negotiations, Maxime Bernier has said it should be part of negotiations.

“Now, and , stop fooling around and playing politics. Put supply management on the table, end the retaliatory measures, accept Trump’s offer to aim at reducing all tariffs and barriers, and NEGOTIATE SERIOUSLY. More grandstanding will bring no result.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube