GUN BAN? Trudeau Instructs Bill Blair To Examine “Full Ban” On Handguns & “Assault Weapons”

Vague wording raises fears that Trudeau is planning an all-out gun ban in Canada.

The mandate letter from Justin Trudeau giving his orders to so-called border security minister/organized crime reduction minister Bill Blair is raising new fears that the Liberals are planning to move towards an all-out gun ban in our country.

As noted by the Gun Blog, part of the mandate letter says Blair should “Support the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on the passage of Bill C-71, and work together on additional policy, regulations or legislation that could reduce crime involving the use of firearms and keep Canadians safe. You should lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.”

The Gun Blog points out that “Some people regard any magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle or shotgun as an “assault weapon.” Automatic firearms have been off-limits to most Canadians for decades.”

And take a look at the Orwellian phrasing. Trudeau is proposing potentially making many more guns illegal, while claiming it won’t impede the “lawful use of firearms by Canadians.” 

There’s clearly a massive contradiction there.

The Gun Blog also points that Bill C-71 being pushed by the Liberals “will confiscate more than 10,000 more firearms from their lawful owners and add new restrictions on them.”

And yet, Bill C-71 didn’t do anything to toughen up punishments for criminals.

This combination of going after law-abiding Canadian gun owners, and pushing Blair to consider a widespread ban on a vaguely-worded definition of weapons, raises the clear possibility that Trudeau and the Liberals are trying to set the stage for an all-out ban on guns in Canada.

As always, the Liberals go after law-abiding Canadians, while criminals get a slap on the wrist and crime surges.

Clearly, the Trudeau government doesn’t want to keep Canadians safe. They just want total control.

Spencer Fernando

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Not going to go over well in the west! Last gun registry many people didn’t comply – some openly said they’s rather bury their gun then register it.


They are very afraid in the upper echelons of power as they should be. More people will buy guns now.

Gonzo the Magnificent

This is what happened every time Barack Hussien Obama made suggestions of such or alluded to gun restictuions in the U.S. Stock prices would alos soar for gun manufacturers. True fact!


Did we vote for this? NO, this is too much government control again, this is not democracy this is Communist or Fascist. So law abiding citizens, will be punished for being law abiding tax payers. and all the criminals can run and shoot anyone and that is OK with socialists. Encouraging more criminals and more anarchy and chaos all proposed by are fake feminist puppet government. Vote Conservative.


Just like in America, Canadians like to have some sort of personal protection against a dictatorial Government. With Canadian Courts becoming increasingly disconnected from reality, it is critical that we have the ability and tools necessary to protect ourselves. An attempt to disarm Canadians will only result in a massive underground / black market. It isn’t legal owners that are the problem, it is criminals and others with “mental problems”.

When seconds count, the Police are many minutes away.

don morris

Those of us who are members of the hunter/sports shooter community have been warning fellow hunters/shooters about this type of action by either the Liberals or the NDP for decades, but few would listen as the concept sounded too radical. It WAS too radical fifty years ago,now it’s to be expected. We’ve been waiting for this anti-gun legislation since Trudeau was elected.It was no secret,he and his fellow anti-gun types have been making statements about confiscation for decades, but again, no one listens. They will first steal handguns and the psuedo-assault rifles,which includes any semi-auto in the minds of the… Read more »


And so have left cities like Vancouver, until the heading……..”why would anyone need a gun”.

fred Dimmick

Dictators have to remove all means of opposition, an armed populace is the first thing that must be eliminated.


I have been legislated a criminal before without doing a thing then it turned out I wasn’t after sanity returned to Ottawa but confiscation crosses a line, one question, who is coming to get them? Any bets their helmets will be blue. Nancy Boy plays us for pansies now but the numbers don’t justify taking my security while opening the borders. Besides, the beauty of the American second amendment is that its requirement and reasoning against tyrannical governments can be applied to any government of any stripe and that is not unique to just the USA and Trudeau knows that.… Read more »


This is about assault rifle and hand guns not hunting firearms….

don morris

Today handguns,tomorrow psuedo-assault rifles and next year or next month,a total ban on firearms.This is but the top of the proverbial slippery slope.


Next knives and hair spray.

alan skelhorne

get rid of fireams bows n arrows, so the government can have full control. wake up canada, just take one look at venezuela. this traitor-dictator wants full control of the people. its right in front of your eyes.

jim Jones

whats the difference between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle. Nothing as its a made up term used to describe something that can be anything they dont like . There are lots of semi automatic rifles that feed from a magazine.

alan skelhorne

hunting firearms can kill also, but nice try liberal lover.

Almut Tolkien

Did you know that when you renew your gun permit , a photo ID is required making your face clearly visible UNLESS you religion enforces you to cover your face……wonder who that could apply to…..?

Glen Bailey

That is a fact! Can’t wait until I have to renew my license.Going to be fun when I have to have my picture taken with my hat on.

jim Jones

Lots of luck ! I’m sorry I have sold all of mine except my restricted ones and they are each 1500$ each to take. If someone wants to force their way into my house, they had better be prepared for the consequences. Thats the mentality of many of the LAGOs. Theft is theft and unless the government is willing to pay for each and every one of them it wont happen


Just a quick word hunters target shooters don’t need assault weapons, as per hand guns if you are now a leagal owner of a hand gun leave them along they are subject to a house search etc. Now for the owners of fire arms such as hand guns that’s a illegal fire arm a min of 10 years if it’s loaded add 5 more years a prison should be in the hi artic ,make it a no fly zone.have the prisoners build their own jails to live in


Can you explain to me what an ‘assault weapon’ is?


Any word from Conservatives? Will they eagerly follow Liberals on this? I’m thinking “yes”.


This man literally thinks every one of us is mentally handicapped. Wait till enough catch onto him. He is relying on everyone who still just watches his news channel. Anyone with half a clue can see this is UN inspired and play by play from the rest of the morons in other countries trying to do the same thing. Secondary problem solving.