TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: Trudeau Rejected Idea Of Bilateral NAFTA Deal With U.S. In Favour Of “Solidarity” With Mexico. Now, Mexico Says They’re Prepared To Move Forward Without Canada

Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland rejected the idea of a bilateral trade deal with the U.S. out of “solidarity” with Mexico. That could go down as one of the dumbest moves ever.

Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada – Dionisio Perez Jacome – is confirming (albeit politely) comments made by Mexico’s Foreign Minister on trade.

Particularly, Mexico is making it clear that if Canada and the US can’t work out their differences, Mexico is prepared to move forward with a deal between them and the U.S. – without Canada.

While Mexico is being as polite as possible, the truth is that they’re doing what every nation should: Put their own national interests first.

It’s in Mexico’s national interest to get a deal with the U.S. So they pursued that objective and did what had to be done to get it.

By contrast, Trudeau pursued Mexico’s national interest over Canada’s, by refusing to get a deal done with the U.S. quickly, and rejecting a bilateral deal out of some pathetically dumb sense of “solidarity” with Mexico.

It failed miserably, and now Canada is on the outside looking in, with less than 5 days to either agree to a deal or face potentially devastating damage to our auto sector.

It’s a pathetic fail by Justin Trudeau which has put our entire economy at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Smart on Mexico, dumb on drama puppet sock queen and gang of thugs so now they can blame it on President Trump and Mexico, maybe they will leave Harper out of the blaming this time. Waiting to see if they can do this deal, if not then we expected it, if he does it I will be surprised,.

Wendy Lush

Trudeau’s incompetence never ceases to amaze. He’s a one-man wrecking machine for the country.

Trudeau tried to get chummy and friendly with the Mexicans in a show of solidarity with them, presumably against Trump. Afterwards Mexico looked after their own. Hey Justin, people have friends, countries have interests.

“No nation has friends only interests.” -Charles de Gaulle


The deal is done. Trump doesn’t call it NAFTA now, it’s the US/Mexican trade deal. I have to think that this is part of Trudeau’s election strategy? Make Canadians hate the US? Either that or just the usual socialist stupidy.

alan skelhorne

i wonder who he will blame this time, he is a liberal, so its not his fault. all liberals think they are perfect.