VIDEO: Clueless Trudeau Laughably Claims He’s “Encouraged” After U.S. & Mexico Sign Deal Without Canada

He’s clinging to that talking point like a life raft.

Justin Trudeau is still trying to convince people that he’s ‘encouraged’ by the U.S. & Mexico signing a deal without Canada, even though that deal represents the total destruction of any negotiating leverage we may have had left.

Watch his clueless comments below:

Trudeau and Freeland have basically been presented with a take-it-or-leave-it deal, and Trump is already using the U.S. – Mexico deal to push for major concessions from Canada.

While Mexico had over a month and a half to work out their trade challenges with the U.S. in one-on-one talks, the Trudeau government has now been given just 5 days to either agree to a deal (along with concessions) or face the possibility of massive tariffs on Canadian cars – which would devastate our auto industry and wreak havoc on our broader economy.

The fact that it got to this point demonstrates the immense incompetence of Trudeau, Freeland, and the entire Liberal government. They somehow managed to go from the U.S. being enraged with Mexico and fine with Canada, to the other way around.

It’s disastrous for our country, and Trudeau’s inability to see this reality is disturbing. He may be clinging to his talking points like a life raft, but it’s Canada and our economy that could end up sinking.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wendy Lush

Top photo: notice the fawning women in the background. Sheesh..


Trudeau is not the one negotiating on the canadian side… what’s with the useless slamming…….not freeland either….so I would suggest to make sense and stick with the facts when you are pitbulling…..


awe, is someone getting upset because the idol they lust over showing himself to be an incompetent fool & people are pointing it out? ‘Trudeau is not the one negotiating on the canadian side… not freeland either’ You’re correct in your above words, neither one are ‘negotiating’ as if you can pull your head out of the koolaid jar, you would may have heard canaduh (under your idol’s ignorance & arrogance) was not invited to participate with the US & Mexico. Here’s an idea, maybe makes sense & stick with the facts before swooning over this imbecile. The only problem… Read more »

don morris

It’s frightening to contemplate how depressed our economy may be by the time this Junior High School team of ours is finished virtue signalling to the world and insulting our biggest trading partner. I think both Trudeau and Freeland have delusions about how important Canada is in the scheme of things, suffering as many Canadians do, under the illusion that we are an important country, when in reality we are where we are due to the fact we are the USA’s closest neighbor and have been under their wing economically,politically,and militarily since WW2 ended. We segued from being a colony… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Encouraged? Only in this wretched man’s make believe world. Imagine Trudope without a teleprompter; or coaching; in an election debate next year: “Racist! Hate speech! Divisive. Inclusivity. That’s not who we are! Diversity is our strength!! It’s the current year. E=MC^2. Racist. Hate speech. That’s not who we are! Peoplekind. Hater!! Must re-think time and space….” No debate–Just a continuous loop of inane prattle. I guess this madness only has meaning to the CBC, and the dopes who voted for this poisonous viper.

“Solidarity with Mexico!!” Yeah! That’s the ticket!

What a complete and utter fool.

alan skelhorne

its all part of the plan but into motion by george soros. he [trudeu} doesn,t give a rats ass about canada. he will walk away from this deal like he did in china.


Interesting Strategy and Tactics to Sign up the Two Biggest Economies of the Agreement, Then Leave Canada With Take It Or Leave It”…in Four Days After five weeks of waiting it out on the sidelines among the uninvited, surprise surprise, the USA and Mexico have a deal.  How does Canada now fit into this with its gender based trade agenda – we will find out Friday.  The Liberals’ stall strategy (as it pertains to everything the Liberals touch) is up and we will have an answer on whether we are locked into a bad deal, or part of no deal. … Read more »


The Liberals really didn’t want a trade deal with the US. They will be looking for an excuse to look at China for a trade deal. China will move in and take over all businesses as the US create a distance. Trudeau will completely destroy our economy and trade relations to make himself the dictator he always wanted to become.