WATCH: Nervous Freeland Comments On Trade Discussions

With the U.S. and Mexico doing their own thing (and Mexico saying they’re prepared to move forward without us), the reality of the situation appeared to be dawning on Freeland.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is in the U.S. for trade talks, in the wake of the U.S. and Mexico agreeing to a bilateral deal.

While Freeland has often projected confidence – and often joined Trudeau in lecturing the United States – her comments to reporters today seemed different.

Freeland seemed much more nervous and uncomfortable than usual, a sign perhaps that the real truth of Canada’s dangerously vulnerable position is starting to dawn on the Trudeau government.

You can see Freeland’s remarks below:

The body language of both Chrystia Freeland and Canada’s Ambassador to the US David MacNaughton shows significant concern and nervousness on their part.

They are likely realizing that Canada now has zero leverage, is abandoned by Mexico after the incredibly dumb “solidarity” gambit failed, and is now going to be presented with a choice of making massive concessions or watching our auto industry get wrecked.

So much for that “Diplomat of the Year” award.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

The ventriloquist is brilliant, I can’t see any hand up her backside making her yap like a complete moron.


you bet ..not as stupidly determined to be intransigent but preparing the grounds for concessions huh ??? arrogance toned down maybe … little overconfident like the rest of the hoodlums


Trump has played the trump card in this. Now Canada has no cards to play. Its a lost game for our Auto Industry and Ontario


Trudeau and Freeland can get together when this trade agreement is finalized and have a good cry about it.


Why is she still Foreign Affairs Minister? She is irritating and creates ridicule.

Ben Eby

Fair question Catandog: Also was is a dunce like Trudeau still PM. He’s stupid enough to think he would be rerecognized as heroic in Canada, if he destroyed the Auto Industry to save the corrupt and communistic Milk Cartel. Yeh, a tough guy, but pathetically unintelligent.

alan skelhorne

it really looks great on them, how stupid can people be. solidarity, trudeau sounded like he was back in quebec, this is what you get canadians, when you vote for someone who wasn,t ready.

Kevin F.

Trudeau is the most unqualified PM in Canada’s last fifty years. He will never be ready.


50 years? In the entire history of canaduh. He is the most unqualified in history, period.

Maria D

Is it me or did it seem that she was being fed the information through an ear piece or something? It was very odd.


She is way over her head. Should be scrubbing floors at a hospital or something similar. No disrespect to those who do that.


Don’t be so hard on her. Last time it got a little rough she started crying …Do you want to see that again? My god shes embarrassing.

More like she’s terrified to offend Trump again with her virtue signalling speeches to worsen things even more…. like that is even possible. I just about died laughing watching this on tv. She was very very choosy in her vocabulary, lol.


I have to ask why the US and Mexico are even going to ask Canada into the agreement. Our government supports terrorist feeds them, houses them clothes them. We our a terrorist nation at this point.


Mexico made a deal without Canada become a shock to the Trudeau Gov that no one; no country is going go wait for Trudeau to make up his childish mind. They have to feed and supply jobs for their people which is by far a greater concern than playing along with Trudeau’s attacks on Donald Trump.

JD MacDonald

It’s as if she suddenly realized…to her shock and dismay…that actions (and inaction) have consequences. Welcome to the real world, Sunshine!


For cripes sake, yeah I’m sure Mexico had Canadian jobs in mind when they made their concessions. The way her voice warbled, she sounded like a first time public speaker who’s unsure of their topic.