Peter MacKay Says Canada “Already Under The Bus” On NAFTA

Has doubts over whether deal can be reached by Friday.

Peter MacKay – who served as Foreign Affairs Minister from 2006-2007 in the Harper government – expressed doubts over whether Canada and the US can reach a NAFTA deal by the Friday deadline, and says Canada isn’t in a good spot.

Speaking to BNN Bloomberg, MacKay said “It seems like a bridge too far. Minister Chrystia Freeland [is] looking very tentative, being very vague in terms of where Canada will come down on what seems to be a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ type of offer. So, we’re in a corner. We’re in a tight spot and – to mix metaphors – when it comes to Mexico and [the] U.S., we’re already under the bus.”

Added MacKay, “Where Canada finds itself now is [negotiating on] things such as Chapter 19, which is a no-fly-zone from the very beginning, or so it would seem. Or it means concessions on supply management, which is also a hotly-contested political issue here in Canada.”

This is an important point being made by MacKay. The Trudeau government is trying to claim that Canada being left out of negotiations for the last month and a half wasn’t a problem, and that lots of work has been going on over the past year.

The reality however is that – as MacKay said – Canada is basically starting from the beginning on lots of these issues – raising doubts over whether any progress was made whatsoever. It’s also interesting how the ‘gender’ and ‘environmental’ issues raised by the Trudeau Liberals are nowhere to be seen.

The Liberals wasted the entire year of negotiations, and only made things worse.

Trudeau and Freeland have failed in every issue they tried to put forward, destroyed our leverage, and Canada is now fully on the defensive with almost no time left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Stupid is as stupid does.”Forrest Gump” So I’m judging Trudeau and his government by what they do which hasn’t been much on securing a NAFTA deal, so then a fools mouth invites a beating!


Trudeau was hoping that mexico would join him in defeating Trump but mexico thought better of it and sealed a deal for the interest of her people.

Ron Voss

Trudeau is purposely throwing Canada under the bus as he believes that the ticket for him to be re-elected is to count on a Hate Trump (an attitude promoted by the leftwing mainstream media) vote.

As Manny Montenegrino pointed out in an interview with Ezra Levant, Trump is banking upon Trudeau holding firm on his position, which will allow him to put a tariff on Canada’s auto industry to the delight of the American workers.
Alarming in that Manny also confessed that he has been right with his predictions thus far:


Secret Harper tape confirmed Manny’s (and many others) to be factual.


No kidding, Peter. We have been thrown under the bus from the first day jihadi justin became PM.
When.other nations are realizing that they need each other to survive, jihadi justin is very quickly on his own destroying our country for his own selfish ego.

Don Taylor

the minister that will be negotiating for Canada against the USA ,has absolutley no experience whatsoever in such an important matter such as this,she is A journalist for god’s sake,when they interviewed her she so nervous she could hardly speak. The sad thing is the Taxpayer will have to foot the bill for Trudeau’s blunders

Timothy Hickey

There is an upside to the break down in NAFTA negotiations! Trudeau has given Canadians a gift, in his ineptitude!

We should walk from NAFTA! It is time that Canadians take care of our own household, and a time to put our own SOVEREIGN foundation in order!

We will trade with the USA, but fairly and freely! No more Chapter 11 payouts to corporations that could not get their way in Canada!

This is a gift to Canadians! Let’s make Canada a FREE TRADE ZONE across the board, before we sign on to the Globalist’s agenda!


As soon as this fake puppet show was even a dream for them, with all their foreign protesters and votes, and votes for pot, Canada was under the bus, Canada still needs a real government, we have not had one for three years, just trash waiting to be thrown out. Think of how much better off we would all be if Mr.Harper was still looking after Canada, they were real and loved Canada.


I don’t want this Prime Moron or his cabinet negotiating anything, let alone our economy. I pray Trump makes it impossible for these fools to save face and no deal is reached until we elect another government, hopefully with Mad Max as PM. It’s safer to continue with the status-quo then to have any trust in this Liberal administration.

Wendy Lush

I might be wrong but I think Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard can invoke the not-withstanding clause and freeze any supply management changes to dairy that the Feds want, and scuttle the trade concessions with Trump. Couillard is likely going to lose the upcoming election anyway so what does he care, he’s going to grab any votes he can from Quebec farmers.