POILIEVRE: “Conservatives Call On Mexico & The US To Stop Walking All Over Our Prime Minister Like A Doormat”

“Conservatives stand ready to offer Trudeau desperately-needed help,” says Pierre Poilievre.

In a series of semi-satirical tweets, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre pointed out how badly the Trudeau government has been owned by both the U.S. and Mexico in NAFTA negotiations.

The tweets can be read below:

“Mexico & US negotiated a deal that impacts Canada behind Trudeau`s back, without his knowledge, while he was on vacation. Now they are ramming it down his throat. Unacceptable.”

“Mexico & US even had the audacity to time this do-or-die week for when Trudeau’s foreign minister was off to Europe totally oblivious that our most important trade deal was being done without us.”

“Even though we have our differences with Trudeau, Conservatives call on Mexico & the US to stop walking all over our Prime Minister like a doormat. Canadian jobs are at stake.”

“Conservatives stand ready to offer Trudeau desperately-needed help. We will always put workers, consumers and all Canadians first.”

Poilievre’s tweets are funny, but it’s also sad that things have gotten so bad for Canada in the first place.

The incompetence of Trudeau and Freeland has reached unprecedented levels, and the consequences for our nation could be incredibly severe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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