POILIEVRE: “Conservatives Call On Mexico & The US To Stop Walking All Over Our Prime Minister Like A Doormat”

“Conservatives stand ready to offer Trudeau desperately-needed help,” says Pierre Poilievre.

In a series of semi-satirical tweets, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre pointed out how badly the Trudeau government has been owned by both the U.S. and Mexico in NAFTA negotiations.

The tweets can be read below:

“Mexico & US negotiated a deal that impacts Canada behind Trudeau`s back, without his knowledge, while he was on vacation. Now they are ramming it down his throat. Unacceptable.”

“Mexico & US even had the audacity to time this do-or-die week for when Trudeau’s foreign minister was off to Europe totally oblivious that our most important trade deal was being done without us.”

“Even though we have our differences with Trudeau, Conservatives call on Mexico & the US to stop walking all over our Prime Minister like a doormat. Canadian jobs are at stake.”

“Conservatives stand ready to offer Trudeau desperately-needed help. We will always put workers, consumers and all Canadians first.”

Poilievre’s tweets are funny, but it’s also sad that things have gotten so bad for Canada in the first place.

The incompetence of Trudeau and Freeland has reached unprecedented levels, and the consequences for our nation could be incredibly severe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Sylvain Lamoureux

From the start Trudeau was a joke when it comes to negotiations with his gender clause. He is not even a door mat, he is toilet paper.


AMEN and his chapter for aboriginal and the demand the USA “ends” right to work in 28 states.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Sylvain: “toilet paper”! I would call him the stuff the toilet paper is wiping up!

Diane DiFlorio

You nailed it – toilet paper, one ply !

Sewer Rat

I will have you know that toilet paper is a valuable asset to have. PM super socks is not. Please apologize to all the rolls of toilet paper you have offended.

Jill Ward

my bet is canadians WILL VOTE HIM IN AGAIN! The “intellect” of Canadians simply boggles my mind!

Gonzo the Magnificent

I agree fully. Part of the problem is as you mentioned and part because we have no fair media in this country.

My friends think “little Pierre” as some call him, will be removed. I say: not a chance in h–l! I think it will be a minority government which is as good as majority seeing the socialists and green socialists will prop him and move him possibily even further to the left.

Sewer Rat

“The “intellect” of Canadians simply boggles my mind!”

We are in the same boat. As a matter of fact, I can feel my IQ dropping every time I hear someone going on about him, and thinks that he is the next best thing to sliced bread.

alan skelhorne

my goodness pierre,
really, your taking trudeaus side in this, i hope they throw everything at the bum.
he has embarrassed canada, like no other politician has.i had the utmost respect for you,
but to start kissing this pos ass, really this has to be fake news.

Brian Dougan

Alan; Same initial reaction from me. “What?? Pierre; I used to have respect for you. You’re now defending Turdeau? Say it isn’t so.” However; on second reading–he may have meant it all tongue-in-cheek. A doormat? As Sylvain said in his comment; Trudeau is lower than a doormat; he’s toilet paper. I’ll take that down another rung: Toilet paper Trudeau isn’t hanging on a roll; he’s going down into the sewer; along with the nasty bits he calls a cabinet. Sorry to be so graphic.

Raymond Meroniuk

Actually, Brian, Trudeau no longer has any use for toilet paper, he just uses his left hand

Andrew Gibbons

The tweets are sarcasm…


Looks like the Conservatives are also scrounging for the Trump-hater votes! Trudeau had ample and sufficient time to get the trade deal sorted out. Canada just had to play fair and we would have had a deal long before Mexico. Our politicians are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats! Boo, hoo!

Andrew Gibbons

The tweets are sarcasm…


If the puppets really were really for Canada and not just for themselves and their destructive agendas they could have asked Mr. Harper a real Canadian, who cared about Canada and knew you would never be ready, but nice hair. Oh wait you blamed him for all your faults like spoiled children, all selfish and pretend know it all, and are not grown up enough to know he would have stepped in and all would have been taken care of, because he is a real man and very intelligent with leadership qualities, puppet lieberals don’t understand, and Mr. Harper was… Read more »


I agree with you 150% Nancy, great comment by the way. love it.

Norbert Kausen

Oh, come on… Trudeau IS a door mat and he’s proven that countless times! Furthermore he has been and still is committing malfeasance against Canada and Canadians!


People say that nothing is impossible but Trudeau does nothing everyday!


He is happy to give away our money to other countries and make a few Muslims lottery winners and throw us out the door like garbage.


Only in Canada. Priceless!

Cor malloy

The Mexican President kept referring to Canada in his phone speech and wanted Canada involved. Trump called Trudeau but he refused to speak with him. I dont understand where pierre gets this vision of Trudeau being treated like a doormat. We need leaders who are willing to bend and negotiate bot Trudeau said he wont budge on SM… so there`s our problem.

Andrew Gibbons

*sigh* The tweets are sarcasm…

Morgan McCallum

Andrew Gibbons. It is painful, is it not?

JD MacDonald

What we need in Canada is supply management…for MORONS. (The Liberals seem to have a massive overabundance.)


TRUDEAU IS A DOORMAT. Just as he has treated us like a doormat. Stop feeling sorry for that egotistic ass.

Ron Voss

It won’t be so funny when Trudeau holds the line so Trump will impose his tariffs on the auto industry.


I fail to see the humor. CPC is frantic that a real Conservative leader, Maxime Bernier is calling out the ongoing incompetency and insanity. It’s pathetic that Pierre, someone who until now I thought of as intelligent, has embraced the Liberal playbook and has joined the “Trump is a bully” choir. Trump and Mexico are doing what is expected of leaders and putting the interests of their country before their warped ideologies.

Morgan McCallum

Cal. Pierre was being “sarcastic”


In addition, when ISN’T Trudeau on holidays?


Is this the case of Poilievre confirming to the world what they have already know – that Trudeau is an incompetent. Stop sticking up for this idiot Sheer or Bernier will be our next PM!!

Morgan McCallum

Not as a 2nd conservative party. If he truly starts a 2nd PC party. Liberals will win again.


Trudeau brought the problem onto himself pretending to be intelligent and knowledgeable about NAFTA. He should be on his hands and knees apologizing for his stupidity. He has already screwed Canada in the eyes of the World with his ignorance of politics. He has to go.

Diane DiFlorio

If anyone honestly believes that Trudeau is part and parcel in ANY decision they are mistaken. He simply is a figure head, and the masters send him the script.

Morgan McCallum

Diane DeFlorio. So who are his “masters”


Trudeau had a chance to be a part of NAFT but turned his back. He was called prior to the deal but had more important things like planning his next holiday. Canadian people will lose no matter what. Protect the policies that have gone criminal and don’t serve the people that it was supposed to. Canadian people are going to suffer at the hands of idiots and weak politicians. To bad