POLL: Canada’s Confidence In Trudeau Government’s Handling Of NAFTA Negotiations COLLAPSES

Angus Reid survey shows just 17% of Canadians are “very confident” with the Trudeau government’s ability to represent Canada in trade negotiations.

As the U.S. and Mexico reach a deal on NAFTA without Canada, and after weeks of us being on the outside looking in, a new Angus Reid poll shows that Canadians’ confidence in the Trudeau government’s handling of the trade negotiations has collapsed.

In June of 2018, 27% of Canadians said they were “very confident” in the government to handle the negotiations. 43% said they were “moderately confident.” 22% were “not that confident,” and 8% were “not at all confident.”

But in the last month, those numbers have changed dramatically.

Now, just 17% say they are “very confident,” 34% say they are “moderately confident.” 26% are “not that confident,” and the number of people “not at all confident” has surged to 22%.

Considering that “moderately confident” is a pretty weak statement, when you add that to those who aren’t confident or are not at all confident, a full 82% lack full confidence in the Trudeau government.

And these numbers are no surprise.

For a long time, the Trudeau government and the media were selling the same message: Everything’s going great, Canada has tons of leverage, and we’re going to get a great deal.

But now, that fiction can’t be maintained. Even much of the establishment media has been reporting on what is obvious to us all: Trudeau and Freeland got totally outplayed by Mexico, their virtue-signalling and lecturing backfired horribly, our leverage is gone, and our economy faces serious risk.

Canadians can see that Trudeau and Freeland don’t have what it takes to represent our country, and the collapse in confidence was an inevitable result of that observation.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

The Conservatives needs to step up hard on this issue.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I still hold to my position that Trudeau will be re-elected in 2019. May be a minority, but the socialists and green socialists will force him to triple down on any present insanity.


I unfortunately agree with you but I hope for our sake that you are 100% wrong. I hope he is put to the curb just as what was done with the libs in ontario.

Miles Lunn

Not just that, the Tories have to win a majority to unseat Trudeau since if we have a Tory plurality, the NDP and Liberals will just gang up to keep the Tories out much like the NDP and Greens did in BC. I think a Tory minority is quite possible, but unfortunately that is not enough. The reason Harper was able to form a minority is those two parties in 2006 and 2008 would have needed the BQ also and as they tried in 2008, that was too toxic, but the BQ is now more or less dead. Also the… Read more »

Sean Short

I cannot fathom, as stupid as they proven themselves to be; they could have believed a journalist should be negotiating trade agreements. They had no one with a background of economics? At least no one who was a woman. They have failed in every negotiation so far, even losing concessions we had already won. I have no confidence in Trudeau; do you?


Get rid of non-accomplished zeros like these two..wheres Harper “its a no brainer” apparently its the truth.


the other way to fix this is let some one like John Manley or Stephen harper handle this harper could hold his own with trump.

my PM is a teacher and very moral and clever

What was the thinking behind monkeying up an article like this by pretending “Trudeau and Freeland got totally outplayed by Mexico”? Mexico committed, but they were left begging Trump to please be nice to Canada. Trudeau committed diplomatic suicide by running to the press to act tough for the cameras by insulting Trump after the G7 Summit. So Trump out-maneuvered him and nailed his ass to the wall. To Canada in fact. Trudeau should have been ousted immediately after his G7 debacle. You just don’t send an arrogant feckless liberal ponce to negotiate with Trump. What possible alternative outcome besides… Read more »

Armed Ape

“Trudeau and Freeland got totally outplayed by Mexico, their virtue-signalling and lecturing backfired horribly, our leverage is gone, and our economy faces serious risk.”
All true except for the first part. It wasn’t Mexico that outplayed the part time drama teacher and his incompetent minister . Somebody outplayed both Mexico and Canada. Mexico caught on first. Give the devil his due. This is Trump. Wake up Canada, while you still have a country.


so your Saying Spencer Fernando that still a majority believe in the confidence of the Liberals wow these people must be smoking something.


Only 22% know the truth about Trudeau and his Liberal government?? Wake up Canada. Trudeau is destroying us..