REPORT: Trump Wanted To Speak With Trudeau BEFORE His Mexico Deal Announcement. Trudeau Didn’t Take The Call.

The incompetence continues.

A bit of information shared by Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs is starting to get more attention in Canada, after initially flying under the radar.

It turns out that Donald Trump wanted to speak with Justin Trudeau BEFORE he made his announcement on the trade deal between the U.S. and Mexico.

But Trudeau didn’t take the call.

Here’s what Jacobs reported:

“Trump had wanted to speak to Trudeau this a.m. BEFORE the Mexico trade deal announcement at 11a, but Canada said Trudeau had a schedule conflict at the requested hour, sources told me and @josh_wingrove.”


Considering the potential damage to Canada’s economy that could happen if NAFTA negotiations fail, and considering the danger of Canada being left outside of a deal that includes the U.S. & Mexico, it is crazy that Trudeau wouldn’t take the call.

The call would have been a chance to influence how Trump framed the announcement, and refusing to take the call means a missed opportunity to represent Canada’s interests at such a key moment.

And we all saw what happened without the call. Trump made the announcement, had a great call with Mexico’s President live on TV, and said Canada would either negotiate “fairly” or get slammed with devastating auto tariffs.

Trudeau failed once again, just as he and Freeland have been failing throughout NAFTA negotiations.

Spencer Fernando

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