REPORT: Trump Wanted To Speak With Trudeau BEFORE His Mexico Deal Announcement. Trudeau Didn’t Take The Call.

The incompetence continues.

A bit of information shared by Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs is starting to get more attention in Canada, after initially flying under the radar.

It turns out that Donald Trump wanted to speak with Justin Trudeau BEFORE he made his announcement on the trade deal between the U.S. and Mexico.

But Trudeau didn’t take the call.

Here’s what Jacobs reported:

“Trump had wanted to speak to Trudeau this a.m. BEFORE the Mexico trade deal announcement at 11a, but Canada said Trudeau had a schedule conflict at the requested hour, sources told me and @josh_wingrove.”


Considering the potential damage to Canada’s economy that could happen if NAFTA negotiations fail, and considering the danger of Canada being left outside of a deal that includes the U.S. & Mexico, it is crazy that Trudeau wouldn’t take the call.

The call would have been a chance to influence how Trump framed the announcement, and refusing to take the call means a missed opportunity to represent Canada’s interests at such a key moment.

And we all saw what happened without the call. Trump made the announcement, had a great call with Mexico’s President live on TV, and said Canada would either negotiate “fairly” or get slammed with devastating auto tariffs.

Trudeau failed once again, just as he and Freeland have been failing throughout NAFTA negotiations.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

there are not enough words to describe the Stupidity of Justin Trudeau


I only partially blame the groper boy, much of the blame belongs to the idiots in the east who elected this imbecile.


And also the eastern idiots who voted for him.


There you have it folks, Trudeau refused call because his first priority was to visit a school in Papinau Quebec. Trump has given Trudeau many chances but Trudeau THOUGHT that he can play around with Trump to show Canadians that he wasn’t going to bow to Trump well, Trump has had enough with children like Trudeau so his next best solution was to call on Mexico which they grabbed immediately. Now we have nothing.

Jill Ward

Exactly. Trump has given this self serving clown chance after chance after chance and I believe it has been in respect for we Canadians and our history with the U.S. however this narcissistic sociopath is all about HIMSELF AND WHAT BEST SERVES HIM and to hell with everyone else! Trudeau and trudeau ALONE is the PROBLEM – no one else and certainly NOT TRUMP! Yet Canadians continue to sit back, continue to pay his salary, pension, perks and so on while he ramps up his destruction, hate, threats and attacks against WE CANADIANS WHOM HE HATS WITH A PASSION! wE… Read more »

don morris

Was this call made at about the time Justin Trudeau was about to lead the Montreal Gay Pride parade? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if it was , he should have had the common sense to hold the parade for a moment to take the call from Trump. This LPC government fairly reeks of immaturity and misplaced idealism, not to mention ineptness, lack of diplomacy and a basic lack of understanding of business deals. Canada is in deep trouble with this JV team in charge, we will be horsesh** lucky to not end up in a serious… Read more »

ann harris

It’s worse than you realize……

Ron Voss

Such childish behaviour by our juvenile PM

Mops Jones

Trudeau…….Prime Minister of Canada….hard to believe


Many people were not aware of the destruction the first trudo did to this country. the propaganda was spread about how good sr was but in reality he caused a huge amount of division & started the destruction due to his ‘multicultural’ vision.


Incompetence by design. The liberal agenda seeks political capitol from Trump derangement syndrome / Trump haters. Anyone who voted for trudeau owns this.

Fed up.

I can’t believe we’re stuck with such an idiot. There must be a way of ridding ourselves of Trudeau even before the elections. Trudeau hates Canadians and is doing everything he can to destroy us.

Mike Allan

Only way is the possibility of a non confidence vote.I’m not sure a vote like that would work when the government has a majority of seats at 54%with 338 seats in the electorate.

Les H.

When the President of the United States wants to call you, YOU PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE!!! Short of a national emergency nothing else is more important! This Trudeau is just showing each day how he is UNFIT for being our PM. He is with his lackey Freeland going to eff up this trade situation and it’s GONNA HURT CANADA AND CANADIANS! 🙁

Louis Genevie

Trudeau reminds me of a community organizer, one with absolutely no common sense or business or negotiating experience. He is way out of his league with Trump.


He is way out of his league in all ways.

Gerry Muza

We already have the US Government Soap Opera, could probably start a new series called Dumb and Dumber starting Donald and Justin. Donald could have his people call Justin’s people to set up a meeting, hope Justin’s not sitting around wait for Donald to call. Could be doing a almost legal doobie instead.


It’s not the US government that is the soap opera but rather the far left dems who are the stars of their very own soap opera they created & are the lead actors in.
The US government is functioning as it should despite the lame attempts of the far left & the rinos who are trying anything & everything to stop the current US government from succeeding in turning the ship around from UN controlled globalism.


What was more important? Was he having another personal day? Trump should have told him that he just bought a company that makes custom socks, and he wanted the Turd to try the merchandise.

John E. Giles

Because of the “arrogance” of Trudeau & “his betrayal” of all commonsense Canadians he Fritters his time away helping illegal immigrants which causes more debt for LEGAL Canadians, while “hard working” Canadians are being left in the cold.


Ask anyone who voted for him, ‘why’ they did, their answer is “I don’t know” I’ve asked 6 Liberals now. Perhaps it’s his hair, some think it’s his looks, my humble opinion is, he looks like a pooch

Mike Allan

I’ve asked that very same question and what I got back was the legalization of pot.Could this be a possibility of a lot more votes.Somehow he got a majority government. I also had some responds that sounded like bored with Mr Harper


6 admitted to voting for him? WOW! I’ve had two & a few more that are happy & think he’s doing a god job. For some people, especially in the east their seems to be no help for the stupid…


Well not answering the phone to Trump that’s not really all bad. Not answering the call from BC for help on the State of Emergency. Forest Fires are burning out of control all over BC. Millions of board feet of lumber, houses, farm land putting good tax payers on the street. Can you fathom the price tag on this fire season alone. 100 of millions in revenue lost Did I mention the people, pets and live stock displaced. Oh I forgot this is about a missed phone opportunity with a Foreign Country. Shows the priority mindset of people in Canada… Read more »

Les H.

If President Trump places a 20-25% tariff on Canadian made autos and/or auto parts the fact is these manufacturers will just move factories to the USA and /or Mexico. It will have minimal impact on US labour short of the disruption in time that it would take to move factories away from Canada and to the USA/Mexico. All this crap for our archaic supply management and notably in dairy. About 13,000 farmers in Canada live under the socialistic supply management system. About 160,000 Canadians in good paying jobs work DIRECTLY for the auto makers and auto parts makers. Add the… Read more »

Dan King

Andrew Scheer just sold his soul to the Dairy Cartel and owes his win to them. Do you expect him to stand up to them now? Canada is in big trouble under Trudeau but Scheer won’t change a thing. We need a leader…


Trudeau messed up the entire negotiations when he politicized it months ago and pulled a dirty trick at the G-7 in a lame attempt to embarrass Trump and score points with the EU gang. Trump and the American team were furious at such sophomoric displays and went forward with a new plan…US and Mexico made a great deal…Trudeau can walk away now, but cost Canada 150.000 auto industry jobs. The man and Freeland will lose face and support, no matter what they do now…CANADIANS WAKE UP.


It is all smoke and mirrors here, the real issue is the dumping loophole that China and Canada have abused for years in regards to steel and aluminum and also intellectual property rights and thefts. This will not continue as Mexico has already agreed. US is now committed to making it’s own steel and aluminum and other products again…as it should be….Chinese dumping will not be tolerated any more, as long as Trump is in office…

Dan King

The US claims that Canada is sourcing Chinese steel and sending it across the border. I haven’t seen a lot of denials, so Trump is likely correct. I believe if the Tariffs are imposed, most of the Car Factories will soon be operating totally in Mexico or the USA. Once they leave, they will never return, just like our Energy Companies. Who would invest here?

Les H.

Robert, The ROP is the chosen “religion” (actually a cult) of Lucifer. In all of its tenets and actions are by design to further Luciferian ideals. It’s a “religion” for the low brow, easy to dupe and control persons. It is spun as being noble or more so the perfect faith, TRUST ME IT IS NOT! As for those who notably do not aspire to any religion, Lucifer’s other political, social, action group is any and all forms of Socialism/Communism. It too like the ROP promises perfection in society and utopia. It too depends on the low brow, the laggard… Read more »

ann harris

If only all Canadians would realize that Trudeau’s behaviour is not what they believe it to be …..stupidity. although, he IS at minion level.

Beverley Campbell

Perhaps Trudeau had an appointment with his “dance” teacher, you know how cranky those artistic experts can be, he probably thought that he would show Trump who is the BOSS negotiator by not taking his call BUT this is the very best way to alienate a BULLY like trump, surely, by now, Justin Trudeau has picked up a few pointers regarding the American President as he is so easy to read that even I can tell you what will piss him off the most.