VIDEO: Trudeau Says “No NAFTA Deal Is Better Than A Bad NAFTA Deal”

Trudeau seems to think that giving up supply management would be a “bad deal.” Is he willing to sacrifice our auto industry for that?

Justin Trudeau spoke about NAFTA today, as Canada’s total lack of leverage became even more clear.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is now openly talking about how Canada is “too dependent” on the United States economically, and how our auto sector is such a big part of the Canadian economy.

Clearly, Ross and the Americans understand that they have the leverage in this situation, and they’re using that leverage to the maximum, pushing for supply management concessions from Trudeau & Freeland.

Yet, Trudeau appears unwilling to give up supply management, even at serious risk to our economy and potentially devastating tariffs on our auto sector.

Here’s what Trudeau said today:

Trudeau is putting politics ahead of the good of our nation.

Trudeau and Freeland have already failed. They wasted months on virtue-signalling and lecturing, rejected the possibility of a bilateral deal, let Mexico get the jump on a deal, and are now left with a super short deadline, no leverage, and a negotiating position so weak that outright pressure and threats are being applied openly.

It’s a pathetic display of incompetence, and Trudeau is clearly putting his selfish, short-term political goals ahead of the good of our nation. Trudeau’s “no deal” talking point might make him feel good, but the consequence could be the destruction of our auto industry and severe damage to our entire economy. A true leader would put their political interests aside to stop that from happening.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The son of a bitch can’t be replaced soon enough.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Cal: this dude is in for another go-round in 2019. I hate to say it but “get used to this idiot”.

I personally am eyeing the U.S. of A. -a red state of course – as this country will never recover from his social agenda if he is re-elected, never mind any other agenda.

Sylvain Lamoureux

If we could give five stars to the dumbest politicians on the planet, Trudeau would have his own category at six stars. What else can I say? He’s a dumb puppet!

shawn harris

To expect that Trudeau would respect and honour the wishes, desires and hopes of the Canadian public, is to expect that pigs can fly. Trudeau would rather sit back, drink his supply management milk and watch as the auto industry is driven south to America and Mexico. All the while pretending that he has saved Canada from a fate worse than death, or in this case from an bully named Trump. For Trudeau, NAFTA and trade talks are an assault on his socialist ideology, that informs him , that only the government should provide jobs and incomes to the public,… Read more »


This just shows Quebec and supply management and their 6000 – 60 cow farms is far more important then the rest of the country

Don Taylor

Turdeau will be the down fall of Canada unless he is kicked out of office

Gonzo the Magnificent

He won’t be!

Elizabeth Thorne

Why do I feel like I have been bitch slapped every time I hear Justine speak?


Seems to me Trudeau’s puppets, destroy Canada agenda is working, they have total control of the quota system but not of the auto industry, so he wants what Lieberal/ndp puppet dictatorship can totally control until he is set up to takeover everything as they planned, for the UN or?


No deal is better than a bad deal. We have resources and a low dollar, both things the U.S. wants. Of course, the U.S. always has the shadow of military invasion following it around. As long as we still have our guns perhaps we can prove half as good as the Afghanis, which is more than enough to kick American ass.


Of course our dear leader is willing to keep supply management.

Not only are they a potential voting bloc for him, but Ontario can be punished for voting (in his mind) the wrong way. As in voting Doug Ford into office.

Canada is finished.

Wendy Lush

“He’s just not ready.”

Nor will he ever be.

‘Conservative Attack Ad Says Justin Could be Ready, Later’