VIRTUE-SIGNALLING: Trudeau Cabinet Has No Committee For The Economy, Creates “Committee On Growing The Middle Class And Inclusion” Instead

As Kaz Nejatian said on Twitter, “This is an actual link from government of Canada’s website. This is not the onion.”

The Trudeau government has announced their revamped Cabinet Committees.

There’s no committee for the economy.

Instead, there’s this:

“Cabinet Committee on Growing the Middle Class and Inclusion

Responsible for initiatives that will strengthen and grow the middle class through innovation, inclusive economic growth, employment and social security, as well as issues concerning the social fabric of Canada and the promotion of Canadian pluralism.”

This would have been better named the Cabinet Committee for Virtue-Signalling.

As noted by Kaz Nejatian on Twitter, while it seems like something from the satirical website The Onion, it’s real:

“This is an actual link from government of Canada’s website. This is not the onion. This is the first Canadian government I can think of without a cabinet committee on the economy.”

Queen Paola summed it up well:

“So basically, Justin doesn’t feel that the Canadian economy is important enough to have it’s own committee. It now shares a mandate with his many virtue-signalling gimmicks. Stunning immaturity.”

This really says it all. The Trudeau government puts virtue-signalling ahead of the economy.

It’s exactly what we’re seeing on NAFTA: Even when everything is on the line, the Trudeau Liberals just can’t stop pandering and playing political games.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

This idiotic concept sounds like somethingright out of 1984! what this imbecile is telling us, is that he has NO plans, no direction and no idea what he and his gang of left-wing globalist miscreants aregoing to dofor the Canadian economy! This Clown Prince of Mediocrity is committing MALFEASANCE against Canada and all Canadians! We must, collectively, have him and his gang charged with malfeasance!!! He must be removed from office immediately! How can we implement this??


Don’t we have enough on this corrupt government yet. This has got to be illegle.
The GG must step in and do something now.

Jeff Harris

Its official. The word pluralism says it all. Trudeau has openly set Canada up for social, ethnic, cultural and religious confrontation. This is the art of division. Establishing multiple entities of power, authority and beliefs to battle it out among ourselves. Trudeau is playing Canada. Just like the mobile phone monopolies, Trudeau governs similar to the Pay as you go scheme. He makes it up as goes along. Not to mention the after-thought mentality economic accountability. I think we are all running out of words and ways to express our shock and disbelief surrounding this man-child-people impersonator.


How sad that this fake puppet drama queen show can even be called a government it is so not a government in reality.


Remember Trudeau during his campaign stating “The economy will take care of itself” followed by “Sunny ways, sunny ways”. You got the willies then for good reason. If he touches social security and pensions his sunny ways are due for a grey overcast.

Ralph Knapp

When a part time drama teacher/Prime Minister says the budget will balance itself, it says all you need to know about his financial acumen. I would also like to know why his very capable Finance Minister is not front and centre. Instead, he has the nervous Freeland involved with an international trade pact. This appears to be the set up of a perfect doomsday scenario for Canada.


What else have we grown to expect from PM Doormat? Surely not something intelligent and relevant.


PLURALISM: The new buzzword! Michelle Rempel has been spewing the same word since Bernier’s original diversity cult tweet.

Connie Cattle

Why would they the leader of the Unicorns thinks the budget and the economy will balance itself. And the Canadian Taxpayers dollars is not for the care and keeping of our citizenry but the care and keeping of foreign countries and their many many problems plus financing the UN and lining his and his corrupt parties pockets for you know necessities like jet-setting around the world. If he or his cabinet were real Canadians instead of Social justice warriors for the Global Elite they would hang their heads in shame.

Wendy Lush

More Trudeau Orwellian bafflegab, no doubt concocted by some Liberal focus group loaded with SJW warrior types straight from SJW Central (aka Liberal Caucus).

Reminds me of songwriter Shawn Phillips’ 1970 album “Second Contribution”. The title song was called “She Was Waiting for Her Mother At the Station In Torino and You Know I Love You Baby But It’s Getting Too Heavy to Laugh”. Everybody ended up calling it “Woman”.

Great song by the way …
“Shawn Phillips- “She Was Waitin’ ”