VIRTUE-SIGNALLING: Trudeau Cabinet Has No Committee For The Economy, Creates “Committee On Growing The Middle Class And Inclusion” Instead

As Kaz Nejatian said on Twitter, “This is an actual link from government of Canada’s website. This is not the onion.”

The Trudeau government has announced their revamped Cabinet Committees.

There’s no committee for the economy.

Instead, there’s this:

“Cabinet Committee on Growing the Middle Class and Inclusion

Responsible for initiatives that will strengthen and grow the middle class through innovation, inclusive economic growth, employment and social security, as well as issues concerning the social fabric of Canada and the promotion of Canadian pluralism.”

This would have been better named the Cabinet Committee for Virtue-Signalling.

As noted by Kaz Nejatian on Twitter, while it seems like something from the satirical website The Onion, it’s real:

“This is an actual link from government of Canada’s website. This is not the onion. This is the first Canadian government I can think of without a cabinet committee on the economy.”

Queen Paola summed it up well:

“So basically, Justin doesn’t feel that the Canadian economy is important enough to have it’s own committee. It now shares a mandate with his many virtue-signalling gimmicks. Stunning immaturity.”

This really says it all. The Trudeau government puts virtue-signalling ahead of the economy.

It’s exactly what we’re seeing on NAFTA: Even when everything is on the line, the Trudeau Liberals just can’t stop pandering and playing political games.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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