“Another Kick In The Gut For Canada”: Court Ruling Blocking Trans Mountain Expansion Slammed

“If we can’t get our resources to tidal water, which is all this is about, this is going to be a hard go for this country.”

In the wake of yet the latest devastating news for Canada’s energy industry, there is growing fear and anger.

The federal court ruling blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion – after the Trudeau government spent $4.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars to buy the pipeline – is being slammed by those who understand what’s going on.

As originally compiled by BNN Bloomberg, here’s what people are saying about it:

Dennis McConaghy – former VP at TransCanada

“This decision is an utter abomination… It’s almost impossible to get a definition of what is it that whatever constituted adequate consultation. Surely, adequate consultation doesn’t mean changing your mind because the disgruntled – whomever they are – are against the recommendation of the due process of not only the statutorily-empowered regulator, but also the democratically-elected government.”

Brad Wall – former Saskatchewan Premier

“The same Federal Appeals Court judge was on both (the Trans Mountain and Northern Gateway) cases… If you’ve got a process where, in one case, the judge says: ‘Here’s what you’ve got to do better in terms of consultation,’ or ‘Here’s the proper process.’ In the next case, that recommendation, by the same judge, is followed and the same judge says, ‘No. That’s not enough.’ I think there’s a real concern there… and that concern will be, ‘What is enough?’ What is the process?”

Jean Charest – former Quebec Premier

“This will be damaging to the perception from outside Canada of our ability to get projects done. We have to be very honest about that. This is going to affect us negatively. And if you’re seeking to make an investment in Canada, it’s a big question mark about our ability to get big projects done. That’s what the leaders in Ottawa need to focus on. This needs to be fixed.”

Ernie Crey- Cheam First Nation Chief

“I’d hoped that the court had found differently in this case, but they didn’t. Yes, I’m disappointed, but we knew right from the outset that they were likely to fall short of the mark where [First Nations] consultation is concerned. It’s a duty that’s visited on the crown, this duty to consult and consult adequately. I think it’s back to the hands of the government and they have some options to consider. For us now, it’s wait and see.”

Brian Acker – President & CEO of Acker Finley

“Another kick in the gut for Canada. Between NAFTA, Saudi Arabia, whatever… If we can’t get our resources to tidal water, which is all this is about, this is going to be a hard go for this country.”

Canada’s energy industry is continually being betrayed under the Trudeau government, and the danger to future prosperity and investment is enormous.

Spencer Fernando