BREAKING: Rachel Notley Pulling Alberta Out Of Trudeau Government National Climate Plan

She made a huge mistake by trusting Trudeau in the first place.

The Trudeau Liberals have lost yet another province in the federal climate plan.

In the wake of the federal court ruling shutting down the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she’s pulling Alberta out of the federal government climate plan.

Notley blamed both the past Harper and Trudeau governments, though didn’t point out what a huge mistake she made trusting Trudeau’s “social license” BS in the first place.

Notley says Trudeau must appeal the ruling, improve the consultation process, and recall Parliament to craft legislation.

Destruction of Trudeau climate plan

This represents the destruction of the Trudeau government climate plan. While it may limp on in some weak form, the opposition to it is now overwhelming.

A majority of Canadians now live in provinces opposed to the plan, and Alberta’s exit represents just the latest example of how much of a fraud the plan was from the beginning.

Trudeau promised that the highly restrictive regulations and the carbon tax would make pipeline approvals easy. But now, everyone has the restrictions and the carbon tax, but the pipelines aren’t happening.

Trudeau has failed miserably, and so has Notley.

She put her trust in Trudeau, and she governed from the far-left. At one point, she even appointed Tzeporah Berman – a radical anti-oil sands activist to an oil sands advisory panel. Here’s what Berman said about the decision on Trans Mountain:

So, Notley can’t escape responsibility for this debacle as well.

The radical-left NDP can’t be trusted with the future of our economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sewer Rat

Don’t fool yourself. Rachael is doing this because she knows that she is going to have her ass handed to her in May next year. She is just trying to save her own skin. She could care less about what happens to Alberta.

Miles Lunn

As much as I hope the NDP loses next May, I wouldn’t count them out yet. There is a strong generational divide in Alberta and millennials are quite left wing like elsewhere in Canada so a lot depends if they show up in big numbers or if as usual they stay home as boomers will vote massively UCP. The biggest risk I think is the UCP support for a Flat Tax. This may be popular amongst conservatives, but it means a tax cut for the top 10%, biggest for the top 1% while no tax cut for 90% of people… Read more »

Gerald mcgarrigle

I totally agree with you Sewer Rat,no doubt about it,as she’s going to lose,and lose bad.

Dave Bainard

She may have pulled out of the climate plan BUT she did not say she would abolish the provincial carbon tax.

Miles Lunn

Considering the size of the Alberta deficit, I am not sure the province can afford any tax cuts until the deficit is brought under control. Now they could raise taxes elsewhere. One solution is raise taxes on the rich further which would be popular, but not economically wise. The better solution to replace the carbon tax without exploding the deficit is to introduce a PST like every other province has, say 5% and that would balance the budget quickly. Some may say spending cuts, but with health care and education representing the largest spending items its a lot tougher than… Read more »

Sewer Rat



She can’t remove the tax she needs to help fund her drunken sailor spending she is doing.


And I don’t trust that she actuallly will pull out!!!!!!! Not pulled out until pulled out. I hope Kenny is being very vocal now about carbon tax and pipelines?


I am taking the liberty of posting a letter by David Greenwood from Saskatchewan in / on the web site. A terrific site for all kinds of participation. I apologize for the length, but it is a great letter. Do the Prairie Provinces have the basis for a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against BC’s pollution from fires? —————————————— C polluting the Prairies Contributed – Aug 28, 2018 / 3:13 pm | Story: 235098 Many people in British Columbia have spoken out about the pipelines, opposing them, referencing unproven studies that conclude pipelines are bad for the environment. The delays caused… Read more »


I live in BC and I am many others do not support the nuts that seem to strive in trying to destroy canada. There are a lot of us that have to work for a living and we don’t have the pleasure to walk the streets and protest . There are many BC people I know that are in support of the pipeline . I just happen to live here. The people whom don’t work for a living but live on welfare or work for feel good organizations are the ones that are controlling this mess to stop the pipelines,… Read more »

Sewer Rat

And yet, BC keeps voting either the Liberals in, or the NDP. Never a conservative. I was born and raised in BC, and the attitude there drives me insane. I can’t even spend more than four days in my hometown without my head imploding.


BC is too Green to clean up after logging. It isn’t natural, etc, etc. Also, some of these fires are arson. Yes, you have an excellent point. We are so victorious in BC that we don’t care how we harm the rest of Canada.


OK so today radicals Lieberal/NDP destroyed Alberta and Saskatchewan economies, who support Canada , and the have not, further in debt provinces. So the Lieberal/ndp are far gone socialist radicals, and support the fast growing debt and taxing higher, the rest of the world now realizes that our GDP is really much lower than reported, put simply our industries to pay taxes, fees and licenses to three levels of government to stay here, give us jobs and wages plus WCB health taxes CPP etc. make their products are running on debt, that they are having a hard time to pay… Read more »

Ron Voss

Knowing that with her carbon tax her defeat in the next election was assured, she has found an excuse to put on a different face (a mask covering her true intentions),


I would not have complained of Notley had said that in order to support the indians, protesters, Soros, Horgan and Weaver, she would be reducing the stress and therefore the risk by reducing the flow of petroleum products in the existing line. Specifically, she would adjust the permits to eliminate the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in that line and dedicate it to oil only. It would be impossible for Weaver and his cartel to complain and their financier, Soros, would be happy. The BC economy would of course collapse unless it brought in fuels by TANKER. The argument that… Read more »

Dan King

Clearly Alberta will never get a fair shake from Confederation. They really should be talking going it alone or becoming a US state.


The stupidity of all our leftist governments is nothing short of stunning. On the other hand, I watch with amusement with what amounts to a bunch of radical leftist governments all beating up on one another .
Its all politics now starting with Que this Fall then ALTA and Feds.

Americanuck Radio

Lame attempt to sound tough. The kicker is, the provinces have more power than the fed’s, they just don’t exercise it. Alberta needs out of this utter sham of a confederation. It’s do or die for Alberta.


Not an NDP fan but good on her for standing up for Alberta if she really wants to kick the Liberals in the ass STOP the transfer payments and lets see Morneau put a spin on that….

Ron Voss

Notley’s “break up” with McKenna’s carbon tax is “empty bluster

She is withdrawing from the federal climate plan but still embracing her provincial climate plan. ‘What’s in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.’
I am more and more coming around to Alberta separating as confederation is broken with no respect for provincial rights.


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