BREAKING: Rachel Notley Pulling Alberta Out Of Trudeau Government National Climate Plan

She made a huge mistake by trusting Trudeau in the first place.

The Trudeau Liberals have lost yet another province in the federal climate plan.

In the wake of the federal court ruling shutting down the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she’s pulling Alberta out of the federal government climate plan.

Notley blamed both the past Harper and Trudeau governments, though didn’t point out what a huge mistake she made trusting Trudeau’s “social license” BS in the first place.

Notley says Trudeau must appeal the ruling, improve the consultation process, and recall Parliament to craft legislation.

Destruction of Trudeau climate plan

This represents the destruction of the Trudeau government climate plan. While it may limp on in some weak form, the opposition to it is now overwhelming.

A majority of Canadians now live in provinces opposed to the plan, and Alberta’s exit represents just the latest example of how much of a fraud the plan was from the beginning.

Trudeau promised that the highly restrictive regulations and the carbon tax would make pipeline approvals easy. But now, everyone has the restrictions and the carbon tax, but the pipelines aren’t happening.

Trudeau has failed miserably, and so has Notley.

She put her trust in Trudeau, and she governed from the far-left. At one point, she even appointed Tzeporah Berman – a radical anti-oil sands activist to an oil sands advisory panel. Here’s what Berman said about the decision on Trans Mountain:

So, Notley can’t escape responsibility for this debacle as well.

The radical-left NDP can’t be trusted with the future of our economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter