Federal Court Rules Against Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval, Putting Project In Doubt

Process implemented by Trudeau government was “impermissibly flawed.”

A federal court has ruled against the approval process used by the federal government on the Trans Mountain pipeline, casting the entire project into doubt.

According to Bloomberg “The Federal Court of Appeal ruled Thursday that the regulatory review of the projection was “impermissibly flawed” because it excluded project-related tanker traffic. In addition, the court also found the government failed to fulfill the legal duty to consult indigenous people.”

The City of Vancouver, along with some First Nations groups had launched the challenge.

While the government can appeal, the ruling throws the entire project into a state of limbo.

If the government is forced to redo the approval process, it could more than 18 months.

Not only will this push the Trans Mountain Pipeline process back, the cost to taxpayers from the already nationalized pipeline could rise.

And of course, investors will look at this and see yet another reason to avoid Canada’s energy industry.

It’s yet another massive failure from the Trudeau government. Our country increasingly looks like a joke, as we can’t even build pipelines to get our own resources to market.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube