Federal Court Rules Against Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval, Putting Project In Doubt

Process implemented by Trudeau government was “impermissibly flawed.”

A federal court has ruled against the approval process used by the federal government on the Trans Mountain pipeline, casting the entire project into doubt.

According to Bloomberg “The Federal Court of Appeal ruled Thursday that the regulatory review of the projection was “impermissibly flawed” because it excluded project-related tanker traffic. In addition, the court also found the government failed to fulfill the legal duty to consult indigenous people.”

The City of Vancouver, along with some First Nations groups had launched the challenge.

While the government can appeal, the ruling throws the entire project into a state of limbo.

If the government is forced to redo the approval process, it could more than 18 months.

Not only will this push the Trans Mountain Pipeline process back, the cost to taxpayers from the already nationalized pipeline could rise.

And of course, investors will look at this and see yet another reason to avoid Canada’s energy industry.

It’s yet another massive failure from the Trudeau government. Our country increasingly looks like a joke, as we can’t even build pipelines to get our own resources to market.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Pointing the obvious out to Justin Trudeau is much like explaining a train schedule to a dog. It may sit there, wagging its tail, lolling its tongue, and appearing to be paying attention. But at the end of the day, the capacity for cogent thought just doesn’t exist. It’s not its fault. It’s just the way its brain is wired. Then it will go off into a corner and lick its own rear end.


The only hope is for Alberta, Sask & northern BC is to secede from the eastern dictatorship. Being its own country it could make its own deals & let the socialist east virtue signal itself into oblivion.


Investors and jobs must be packing by now for greener pastures. Let Canada kill herself of jobs businesses. When banks sound the alarm that we are in a recession, there will be hell to pay because having no jobs around causes instability then frictions among peoples, crimes will follow.
I don’t think Justin Trudeau is perturbed at all just as long he personally is kept safe and protected from the inflictions he’s causing.


Will Notley follow up on the possibility of simply pulling the permit to ship oil through the existing line? That would shut down the Province of BC. Should that happen it would be very unsafe to be seen as a Politician, enviro-fascist or Soros funded protester.

Try to imagine life at $4 / liter. BC claims to have plans to ship oil in by tanker. Hahahahahaha. Friggin hypocrites.

Mike Allan

How is the oil being transported to the west coast.Rail or road both foolish and very dangerous.Libtards my oh my what type of people kind vote for sure left loony toons like bc unbelievable.

shawn harris

This court decision by the Federal Court of appeal exposes many things, for everyone to clearly understand. First, Trudeau is a complete failure at governing Canada, his decisions are based upon his failed socialist ideology, that never considers the impact his decisions will have on Canadians as a whole. His immense desire to truly “phase out the entire oil industry”, has been achieved with this decision and it gives him the deceitful and cruel cover he wants, as it shift the blame for failing to build any pipelines, from his government to the courts and protesters, while simultaneously providing a… Read more »


And nothing from the ‘feckless’ ‘leader’ in Alberta.Kinda shows her loyalty to the province she is supposedly working for…

Gonzo the Magnificent

Looks good on all the idiots that voted this guy in. I hope they are the recipients of his failures – knowing it usually works the other way around in real life.


Canada is heading the way of California. Thousands of people are fleeing a dying State a result of socialist governance. Sadly for Canada we have no place to flee. Thousands of jobs lost, dependance on foreign govts for our oil supplies, millions of dollars lost in oil sales. Canada under Trudeau and his socialist supporters have printed Canadas plan to becoming a third world country.