PATHETIC: Trudeau Spent $4.5 BILLION Of Our Taxpayer Dollars For A 65-Year-Old Pipeline That May Never Be Expanded

Kinder Morgan totally played the Trudeau government, and Canadian taxpayers are paying the price.

Right after a federal court ruled against the approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Kinder Morgan approved the sale of the 65-year-old pipeline built in 1953 to the Trudeau government.

And of course they did.

They just offloaded a pipeline that may never be expanded, not only saving themselves the costs of going through the endless regulatory approval process again and saving themselves the cost of construction, but also making a $4 billion profit (They originally spent about $500 million on it) at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

They did what a private company does: Maximize profits.

And the Trudeau government did what the Trudeau government does: Screw over Canadian taxpayers.

There can now be zero doubt that the Trudeau government got totally played by Kinder Morgan.

The failure of the Trudeau government here is totally pathetic, and their continued betrayal of Canada’s energy industry gets worse and worse.

Not only did they create the conditions for the nationalization of the Trans Mountain pipeline by imposing a horribly convoluted regulatory process, but they couldn’t even meet the demands of their own process.

Now, Canadian taxpayers are stuck footing the bill for an old pipeline that can’t even be expanded.

What a pathetic disgrace this government has become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And this is surprising to anyone? In what world did people think buying this pipeline for an overpriced cost would be any good?

Don Taylor

you nailed it Trudeau is PATHETIC,but the taxpayer has to pay for his stupidity


The pipeline is in doubt, unlike Trudeau’s incompetency.


Kinder-Morgan was very astute to sell off this never ending farce of a project. I’ve posted the following before but I think that its worth posting again as it applies to the the Liberal Party of Canada and there handling of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion… TRUDUMB: “The University of Alberta Department of Physics has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Trudumb. Trudumb has one neutron, and 182 member neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 183. These particles are held together by light and dark particles called… Read more »

Wendy Lush

And Truedolt’s brain has one neuron, and 182 member neurons. They got so lonely they formed a Lonely Hearts Club.



So not what would be the running total to date of tax payers money that he has given away over his first 3 years ?


This was likely trudeau’s plan all along. Trans- Canada spent billions on Energy East, trying to reach the ever changing goal line and the trudeau / butts bigots kept changing the rules until Trans-Canada gave up financially. trudeau bought KM using someone else’s money ( as if he gives a damn) and then had the pathetic Courts keep insisting on endless “consultations”. His plan to destroy Canada is working. Investment in the oil industry is going to collapse very quickly. He also now wants to pay companies to hire his illegals. Where the hell does he expect to get the… Read more »


How can anyone with a Brain Possibly Support this Idiot of a PM and his Corrupt Party? I am Totally Disgusted with this Imbecile and his Party and it is High Time that Canadians wake up and revolt against this Stupidity and Corruption! Canadians are now on the hook for 4.5 Billion Dollars for an old Pipeline that is going NOWHERE! Bill Morneu, another Stupid Advisor to Trudope and Trudope himself should both Resign NOW! Canadians have had ENOUGH! As for the Rest of the Liberal Party – BYE, BYE!

Gonzo the Magnificent

“And the budget will balance itself”. Yep!


If Kinder Morgan couldn’y expand it under this ??? real fake foreign puppet governments own rules, ,newly put in place by them and they paid too much for it when a couple phone calls ( they would have all this info they supposedly are the ??government) would have told them the price paid, they wanted it stopped and they stopped it, this bunch of fake puppets just lied again, as we all knew they would so again this expensive joke with our money, a real Canadian government for Canada is needed and we do not have one. these pretend trans… Read more »


Your FOOLING yourself if you don’t think Turdeau had this planned right from the START. Played the indigenous card- Payed Protesters- Liberal Judges.. LIBERAL SUPREME COURT- 4.5 Billion gone, next he’ll sell the controlling interest to that OLD PIPELINE to one of his Quebec Pals at a discounted devalued price and make the Idiots in his Cabinet believe that this was the RIGHT DECISION. Then when he leaves politics he’ll get a cushy Board Of Directors Job.


Who the hell would want Trudeau on their Board of Directors he has fiduciary responsibilities and the directors must act with honesty, good faith, and fairness when handling corporate obligations. Does this sound like a potential TruDumb position?

Timothy Hickey

And now we must understand that NAFTA was not good for Canada! We would have paid for the buyout either way because of Chapter 11 in NAFTA! Trudeau must have known that, but tried to pull the wool over our eyes! Canadians have not been fooled!

Canadians have been given a glorious opportunity to withdraw from NAFTA, and we must!

No more trade negotiations or trade agreement completions until the PEOPLE of this nation have weighed in in 2019!

Les H.

The market place of ideas is only flourished in a society that holds up and believes in general liberty, then fueled by investment for obvious profit and growth. Environmentalism has its noble and good side as we each and all should wish to be good stewards of the Earth. But it has the bad side too of junk science, distortions and lies, socialistic ideals that only play people against each other on many ideals, but also an environmental ideals and just nonsense such as man made climate change. Yes, mankind has great ability today to do and create things, good,… Read more »