TOTALLY ABSURD: Morneau Tries Spinning Court Decision Blocking Trans Mountain Expansion As “Important Next Steps”

What world is this guy living in?

While responding to the devastating court ruling that puts the Trans Mountain expansion into limbo, Finance Minister Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau launched into one of the most absurd spin jobs we’ve seen in some time.

In the video below, you can see Morneau actually calling the ruling part of “important next steps” for the project:


This is one of the worst spin-jobs we’ve seen in a long-time, and considering that Justin Trudeau’s spin is almost always horrible, that’s quite an ‘achievement’ by Morneau.

The ruling wasn’t a “next step,” it was a brick wall put up in front of any further steps on the pipeline, and to say otherwise shows an intense disconnect from reality and an immense amount of dishonesty.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel – who has many constituents in Calgary who were counting on the expansion going forward – summed up Morneau’s contempt for Canadians:

“You actually think we’re all idiots. You can’t actually believe this.
Your incompetence will blaze a trail into Canada’s history books.
Just quit already. We can’t afford you.”

And that goes for the entire Trudeau government. The Canadian People can’t afford them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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They do not tell the truth because they value neither the truth nor Canadians. Will voters learn from this and turf them next year?


If we don’t, there will be no country left. This is not a gov’t of the people for the people, this is an elitist new world order government looking to destroy our rights and freedoms, culture, heritage and all those things Canadians hold dear. Trudeau is already preaching that we have no core values, and are the first post national state. If we don’t get rid of the cancer eating away at our democracy, we’re done for.

Hans Rysdyk

The amount of money spent to date would have gone a long way toward building a refinery at the source which would provide a lot of construction and permanent well paying jobs.

Sewer Rat

Venezuela, here we come!


LIEberals made these laws to stop, to stop any progress in Canada, why do they keep pretending like they didn’t. Why can’t the Conservatives say that so the whole country knows. unless they change THEIR LIEberal laws why let on that is what blocked Kinder Morgan and them when they knew this before wasting more tax dollars, Your right Spencer we can not afford them, and if they had any decency left in them they would have stepped down or stopped this bad radical agenda.


If we don’t rid ourselves of this gross incompetence by this left of Mao bunch, there will be no country left!


Of course these are “important first steps” – he doesn’t want the pipeline built.


Can we now be like Howard Beale (Network; 1976) and yell: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore” ?

Moe. S.

“A brick wall.” These incompetents just got a brick to the head! Without Federal gov’t legislation to move this forward, the industry is done. These Liberal idiots have effectively shut down Canada’s oil industry within two years of taking power. They will blame Harper’s gov’t for this failure like everything else Trudeau has managed to destroy. The Texan shareholders of Kinder Morgan are no doubt having champagne celebrations to the tune of ‘sunny ways’ while laughing all the way to the bank. Trudeau the Prince of Fools just got his ass kicked by the Texans.


Unfotunately the taxpayers get the beating….

Mike Allan

Trudeau and his well behaved followers have taken Canada to the lowest point in history with trudeau sr running a close second.Lets some it up.Open borders,No more pipe lines,Free speach close to being absolutely over,and the debt will soon be hitting a trillion dollars.There’s lot more laws being past that most of us never hear about because almost all of the media won’t print it.


SPENCER: Please investigate Liberal kickbacks. There has to be a money trail, this insanity needs to stop and it cannot wait until 2019.


Bill Morneau the useless fool & Canada’s own version of Baghdad Bob

Gonzo the Magnificent

We can’t afford them but we will get them. Again, I hate to say it! That is where we are going: circling the toilet bowl.


These “important first steps” should have been taken years ago by the lying Liberals-they should have had the first nations people on board re the pipeline before they did anything more re planning, promising and spending. Morneau is a Moron to call this present situation “first steps!
I would say without a doubt our government today is up the creek without a paddle, without a pail and without a viable leader!!


Canadian people are held on the wrong end of the stick again because of liberal ideology and their attempt to destroy Canada. This is not an accident but a planned attack to remove the economic base of Canada. It will continue until someone has the inner strength to stop this madness.


This is the worst spin job. He is no more than a financial terrorist through out these projects. he and Trudeau could not care less about Canadians and have throughout their continued time in office have proven to be just financial terrorist and any one of the liberal government the agrees with the actions of Trudeau and Moran can hold the same title.