WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks After Trans Mountain Court Ruling

“The ruling indicated that the Trudeau government couldn’t even follow it’s own process.”

Following the devastating Federal Court ruling halting the Trans Mountain expansion, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has spoken about it:

Scheer said “The Conservatives have been calling on the government to table a plan in Parliament for months, that plan should have addressed these issues in a comprehensive manner and get this project built.”

Scheer also said that this whole situation was a result of the negative environment Trudeau has created when it comes to investment and energy projects in Canada.

You can watch Scheer’s comments below:

This is a terrible moment for Canada. As I wrote earlier, the Trudeau Liberals got totally played by Kinder Morgan:

“They just offloaded a pipeline that may never be expanded, not only saving themselves the costs of going through the endless regulatory approval process again and saving themselves the cost of construction, but also making a $4 billion profit (They originally spent about $500 million on it) at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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don morris

So, Andrew Scheer speaks up on this issue, with all the fire of a politician who isn’t very passionate about the issue,or the Canadians who will suffer for Trudeau’s machinations. This is no surprise to Butts and Trudeau, they knew damned well this would happen. Someone rush Scheer to a Toastmaster’s club and teach him how to use his voice to inspire listeners and get them excited! He sounds like he’s discussing last night’s baseball game, not an issue that may throw western Canada into a recession. Anyone who thinks speaking ability isn’t important should look at some of Obama’s… Read more »


Your right, for the non thinking people like we seem to have too many of they need cuddling, drama queens, promises of pot, etc. self serving costly freebies and dog and pony shows cause they really do not care, listen, or read and think about it. So Andrew Scheer should up it a little, but he is one of us, a for real Canadian for Canada, no dog and pony Trudeau fake embarrassments, Scheer seems to be a thinker not an agenda player, I hope, and he is the only person who can get common sense and stability back in… Read more »


Good God NO! Max Bernier is our ONLY option… I’ve been following CPC/Sheer very closely for years and I take no pleasure in saying he’ll be disastrous. We don’t usually make informed voting choices but we can’t afford to be lenient or compromising any longer. There’s too much at risk.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Nancy, I hate to say it but ol’ sock boy will be reappearing as PM in 2019. Both of our biggest nightmares. Watch and see if I am wrong!


Gonzo, Cal : If we don’t get the Lieberals out we will be gone as a country we must stand together and spread the word to vote Conservative. Maxime Bernier will not be ready in time and although I like what he says too he also is following an agenda to let Trudeau back in, The Conservatives will pick up more votes staying centered, but for the people and progress and Canada, so we can start to clean up the mess the Lieberals are leaving us in, please vote Conservative and spread the word, What I really wish for is… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Nancy, the Lieberals as you call them, are a whole lot smarter than most people think and lest we forget, they have the MSM on their side. Next to guarrantees a minority but I will be fighting “tooth and nail” to get this Amalikite (Numbers 13:30 for you Biblical aficionados) out of office, for I too have the ‘spirit of Caleb”.