With Court Blocking Trans Mountain Expansion, Trudeau Gets Exactly What He Wants

It’s beyond obvious that Justin Trudeau doesn’t support the Canadian energy industry, yet he often tries to pretend that he does. Is it really a ‘coincidence’ that the federal cabinet led Canada into this situation?

Justin Trudeau has to pretend that he’s upset by the Federal Court ruling blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline.

After all, he’s repeatedly said that “the pipeline will be built,” and claimed that his carbon tax would create the so-called ‘social license’ to get the pipeline and other projects approved.

Of course, we now know that the carbon tax does nothing except damage our economy and take money out of the pockets of Canadians.

We also know that behind the scenes, Justin Trudeau is actually happy that the pipeline expansion was blocked.

Trudeau has done everything possible to weaken the Canadian energy industry, particularly through imposing a regulatory process that is almost impossible to pass, and creates such a long, convoluted, and uncertain process that even ‘approved’ projects are vulnerable and constantly at risk.

And, as pointed out by Michelle Rempel, Trudeau’s incompetence on the pipeline was immense:

“And here’s the rub. What’s it going to be, Trudeau? (Also, how did you waste all this time and money, and let it get to this point? Was this all about kicking it to an election?)”

“When Trudeau bought the pipeline, did he not do any diligence on whether or not the court was likely to rule this way re duty to consult? If yes, why would he have not sought to mitigate this in all this time? This is negligent.”

“Hot take while reading the ruling – did Trudeau know that indigenous groups had raised concerns that would not likely pass a Phase III Duty of Consult test, issued the OIC, then went onto buy the pipeline without doing ANYTHING to mitigate?”

Not to mention the fact that Trudeau imposed an ‘environmental assessment’ program that negatively impacts Canadian energy, but doesn’t even apply to oil imported from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia.

Those aren’t the actions of someone who supports the Canadian energy industry, they’re the actions of someone who opposes it.

Yet, because the court blocked it and the Trans Mountain pipeline is in limbo, Trudeau can ‘claim’ that it’s not ‘directly’ his fault.

Of course, we know the truth: Justin Trudeau has systematically weakened the Canadian energy by failing to stand up to the radical-left anti-Canadian activists, and his truly loyalty lies with those who oppose Canadian energy – not with the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau and his lying liberals are pushing the Canadian people to far and there will be consequenses to their destructive actions that are breaking our country

fred Dimmick

The mess we are in is the intended situation planned by the Liberals and left to make Canada a UN client state.


Trudeau and puppets are the radical left, with all their radical social justice warriors, taking over our country. They just LIEberal.


Trudeaus agenda is to ruin canada as we knew it and wanted it…….

Miles Lunn

Trudeau supported the pipeline in a lukewarm fashion only because he believes getting it through would help Notley get re-elected (won’t likely be nearly enough although if built the NDP might form a stronger opposition than they would otherwise) and he absolutely doesn’t want to have to deal with Jason Kenney; Doug Ford is bad enough for him; so that is the reason he pushed it through. It was all about politics as in BC his economic policies are similar to the NDP so he can work with Horgan on other issues, while BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson donated to… Read more »

Maria D

Yes, this is certainly intentional by Trudeau and the Lying Liberals. They want to destroy this country and the force the dictatorship. IT IS INTENTIONAL!!!!!!!!!


Another win according to plan for Saudi Arabia thanks to Trudeau.

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau, like his father Pierre Trudeau before him wants to transform Canada from a capitalist free market economy into a hard left socialist economy and country. Both father and son know very well that the first step towards that goal of hard left socialism, means that the economy has to be brought under direct control of the federal government. So that means, since natural resources are the foundation for our economy, especially the oil industry, must be brought under the direct control of the government, then all other sectors of the economy will fall under the government’s control. Pierre… Read more »

Mike Allan

So are you saying all the conservatives citizens of Canada are going to sit back and let this no heart libtard socialist put Canada on the point of no return. I sure hope your wrong but I understand why you said what you did.