Canada – U.S. Trade Talks Done For Week, Trump Informs Congress Of Intention To Sign Deal With Mexico

Trade talks will restart on Wednesday, and Canada could join the U.S. – Mexico deal at a later time.

In a day filled with reports of Trump saying he wouldn’t concede on anything in NAFTA talks with Canada, while the U.S. claimed Canada wouldn’t make any concessions on agriculture (AKA supply management), the two countries didn’t reach a deal by the Friday deadline for the Trump Administration to notify Congress.

As a result, the White House has informed Congress of their intention to sign a deal with Mexico, leaving Canada as a ‘potential’ addition to the deal within the next 30 days before a more formal proposal must be shown to U.S. Congressional Representatives.

As talks ended for the week, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said “with good will and flexibility on all sides, I know we can get to a deal.”

U.S. Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer said “The talks were constructive, and we made progress. Our officials are continuing to work toward agreement.” 

Here’s what Freeland said in a press conference:

Trump has repeatedly threatened tariffs on the Canadian auto industry, something the Trudeau government appears willing to risk in order to avoid making any changes to supply management.

It is also nearly unbelievable that Canada is in this position, considering how the U.S. started off being 100% focused on problems with Mexico. After a year of virtue-signalling and missed opportunities, it’s now Canada that finds ourselves on the outside looking in when it comes to trade in North America.

And, it’s also important to point out (since it’s being ignored by the media) that none of the virtue-signalling issues originally brought up by Trudeau are even being discussed at this point.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter