In Column, Maxime Bernier Says Canada Has Been Hijacked By Interest Groups

“Of course, the mother of all political hijackings is the ridiculous influence the small supply management lobby for dairy, poultry and eggs has managed to exert over every political party and every politician in Canada,” says Bernier.

In a special column for the National Post, Maxime Bernier has expanded on why he’s starting a new political movement.

He says Canada has been hijacked by interest groups, and says he is seeking to reverse the dynamic of “public choice theory” that has given interest groups such influence over Canada’s political parties.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Since I left my Conservative colleagues and announced I would be creating a new party last week, I have been accused of being a sore loser and only interested in my own ego, of being excessively obsessed with the issue of supply management and of splitting the conservative vote — guaranteeing Justin Trudeau’s re-election.

To understand my real motives, my critics should read up on “public choice theory.” Developed by James Buchanan, who won a Nobel prize for economics in 1986, it explains how interest groups hijack political debates and capture politicians, winning huge benefits in the form of subsidies, trade protection, fiscal or legal privileges and other favourable regulations. They are willing to devote enormous lobbying effort and large amounts of money to get them.”

The full column can be read here.

Spencer Fernando

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Maxime Bernier is saying it true, and I agree, Andrew Scheer said similar to this but not as much but I believe this election is too important to keep Canada afloat we cannot divide the Conservative vote and they are milder yes but more will vote for them and Canada cannot take another socialist government or there will not be a Canada.


Here on Vancouver Island we thought the market manipulation of dairy and poultry was a Quebec / Ontario thing until I looked at the milk carton. Island Farms is displayed on the carton, but in small print at the bottom I find AGROPUR Cooperative, Longueuil, QC. It looks like Quebec has an influence on the high prices all the way across Canada.


I read on the REBEL that the supply management issue was side stepped by the Conservative machine at the conference in Halifax last week end. BTW how can an MP elected as a public servant, once he gets to warm a back bench, be able to introduce a “private members bill” ? HELLO

shawn harris

Maxime Bernier is right on the money about Canada and our politicians having been high -jacked by special interest groups. And the best way to defeat these self serving special interest groups, is through a well informed and educated public. Then these groups would find it very difficult to manipulate any politician or government. Since that would take time, which Canada and Canadians can’t afford, then leaders like Scheer have to make a stronger case to defeat these special interest groups and not become trapped by them, only to gain their votes and give an illusion of support for the… Read more »

Brad. O

And don’t forget Quebec Maple Syrup Federation as well. That group are real pr**ks.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I love Maxime but have a tiny bit of suspicion about his motives. Also the timing seems bad but may be this guy could be a real risk taker and I am a bit conderned about that level; the stakes for Canada are extreme as I see it.