It’s The SOCIALISM Bro: Bob Rae Wonders How Crisis In Venezuela “Happened”

Soon he’ll be saying it wasn’t “real socialism.”

Former interim federal Liberal leader and former Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae is being ridiculed for a tweet about Venezuela, where he does everything possible to avoid the idea of “socialism” while wondering how the oil-rich country collapsed.

The tweet can be seen below:

“Crisis in Venezuela has created over 2 million refugees, unparalleled economic chaos, and great hardship for the people of a country that seemed to have everything going for it. Need to learn how this happened. #venezuela”

Rae’s tweet is laughable.

We know how Venezuela’s collapsed happened.

They tried to go full socialist, and it failed miserably.

And for those on the left who claim that “socialism” is what exists in countries like Norway for example, the fact is that Norway – while having very high taxes – still retains essential characteristics of capitalism, including the use of price signals and large segments of the economy operating in a free market.

By contrast, the Venezuelan government implemented both political and economic socialism – which ends up being indistinguishable from fascism. They massively expanded government control over everything, gave tons of oil away to fellow socialist states at a bankruptingly low price, used oil revenue to enrich politicians and the socialist elite, dictated prices to nearly all the stores in the country – predictably leading to price shortages – printed insane amounts of money, imposed horrendous regulations on economic activity, and destroyed democracy through the suppression of their opponents.

That’s what happened, and it led to what socialism always leads to: Economic collapse and violent oppression.

Venezuela shows how dangerous socialism truly is, because it should have been almost impossible to damage the economy so badly considering how much oil Venezuela has. But as others have said, socialists would be able to engineer a shortage of sand in the Sahara Desert, and they’ve managed to bring Venezuela to the point where they import oil (sound familiar?) despite having gigantic oil reserves.

Of course, for the left, it’s very embarrassing to see the collapse of Venezuela, since the socialists used all the politically correct buzzwords like “fighting the imperialists,” “social justice,” and “economic equality” as they went on their path of destruction.

Bob Rae may not want to admit it, but the truth is obvious: When it comes to what happened in Venezuela, it’s all about the socialism.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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