The Betrayal Of Alberta Continues To Worsen

The people of Alberta are being treated with a level of contempt and disrespect that is unacceptable in a country that claims to value everybody.

What kind of country would simultaneously shackle the economic potential of their most dynamic region, while constantly taking huge amounts of the wealth generated by that region?

Unfortunately, that country is Canada under Justin Trudeau.

The ruling against the Trans Mountain expansion, and the impossible approval process imposed by the Trudeau Liberals represents the worsening betrayal of Alberta.

And to get a sense of how systemic that betrayal has become, consider the fact that the government reserves the right to place all kinds of restrictions upon Alberta’s economy, yet feels totally entitled to take billions in transfer payments from Alberta and give it away to provinces that oppose the very industry that makes those transfer payments possible in the first place.

In a very real way, Alberta is being punished for the entrepreneurial spirit and work-ethic of their people, with the province being robbed over and over and over again.

Since Justin Trudeau loves “heart” metaphors when it comes to the economy, let’s consider Alberta as the heart of Canada economically:

The Trudeau government keeps pushing that heart more and more and more, while depriving it of the sustenance it needs to recover and grow. That can’t go on forever.

Canada is a nation with limitless potential. But for that potential to be realized, Alberta and Albertans must be treated with respect.

And respect doesn’t just mean some talking points.

It means ensuring Alberta can fully prosper and get their energy resources to market.

It also means that Alberta should be able to cut off oil shipments to any province that opposes the energy industry.

And finally, it means that we stop importing oil from foreign countries and ensure that Alberta oil (with Alberta well-compensated) is used to fuel our entire nation – along with oil from some of the smaller oil producing provinces.

Anything less than that represents the economic enslavement of Alberta, which is an absolutely disgraceful and unacceptable situation to have happen in Canada and which puts our national unity at serious risk.

Until Alberta and Albertans are treated with respect within Canada, our nation will never be truly strong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Jr with his inane and dangerous mindset is becoming a terminal cancer to Canada. Time for some harsh treatment at the source of the scourge.


Well said!


Systemic racism against Canadians in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Allan Hewitson

I would not exactly say racism, but certainly discriminatory harmful decisions…

Brad. O

Lol with all due respect the Left tag’s a lot of thing’s racist ridiculously. Why can’t we?

Sewer Rat

Open message to President Trump. Could you please make Alberta part of the NAFTA negotiations? We are hated to the west and don’t want our oil. We are hated east of Manitoba, and they don’t want our oil either. If we are to be continuously treated with utter contempt, we should be allowed to be freed from an oppressive nation.


You are so right Spencer, we need to somehow help. Never voting this fake government in would have been the best thing, We need the whole rest of Canada to respond to the fake Federal governments radical hate socialism destroying our country and trying to break it down, stabbing us in our heartland. Alberta since it pays the country the most, should be running it, not a mostly separated Quebec. Any one who voted for this, selfish corrupt destruction to Canada and especially Alberta, should be so ashamed. We all owe Alberta so much, we have to get a fair… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Hey Nancy, you just started a new phrase that IS SO CATCHY! FAKE GOVERNMENTS!! You’ve heard about fake news, now we have FAKE GOVERNMENTS! I LIKE THIS ONE AND WILL BE USING IT FROM NOW ON!!


Every Canadian should live in Alberta for a few years. I moved from BC to Alberta back in 1990 and spent 15 years there before family obligations took me back to BC. The entrepreneurial spirit, roll-up-your-sleeves and get ‘er done’ attitude is in the very DNA of Albertans. Living among these generous, hardworking and friendly people was a stark contrast to the helpless nanny state mentality that’s far too common in the socialist, big government-loving people in BC. Horgan and Weaver to the west and Coderre to the east with all the mean-spirited enviro-maniacs in between. What our politicians and… Read more »


All to save a killer whale suffering irradiation from Fukushima. It seems ludicrous to be a nation of eco martyrs but the irony is not. When everyone has a say not everyone gets their way, duly noted. Sure I pity the whale but stopping essential progress because of what may happen while ignoring what is happening puts us on the path to being dead right. Like a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline cancellation fee for instance. Like the Fukushima Sizzles for a fact. I question the eco warriors threat assessment capability. Their priorities make no sense. A potential pipeline or tanker… Read more »

Ron Voss

I am coming to the view that Alberta needs to separate as confederation is broken.


Well, what needs to be done is for Alberta to have a referendum on secession. Alberta & the west has had enough of the eastern dictatorship. Perhaps it is time that the east be given an ultimatum. The threat kbek gives sure seems to work out well for them…


What Spencer said…..


Canada is in trouble if were relying on Trudeau otherwise known as Mr-Only-Occasionally-Uses-His-cortex.


Why would we ever doubt TruDumb? I mean he said the budget balanced itself just like he said it would? Maybe he’s thinking with his tremendous political foresight the pipeline will build itself!

Robert Lyman

All Canadians, not just Albertans, are being betrayed by a government that shows contempt for resource development and pretends that symbolic gestures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are more important than raising income and creating jobs in our own country.


The best comment yet

Bernard Hutchinson

Does anyone (really believe except for the climateers & the uninformed millennials) that Trudeau, Notley & Gerald Butts ever really wanted a twinning of the Trans mountain pipeline in the first place! This was & is all smoke & mirrors! They are putting up a good show so they can say that oh, we really really tried to build the TMP twinning but our hands were tied by Horgan & the courts! We will never see another pipeline built in Canada as long as this Commie PM is PM, PERIOD!

don morris

Alberta isn’t treated with respect by this government because they are not Liberal voters and never have been, it’s that simple. The LPC does NOT need Alberta,or for that matter,all of the West. They can hold a comfortable majority without one single seat west of the lakehead. There are 230 seats available between Ontario,Quebec,and the Maritimes, in a House with 338 seats. It’s not difficult to see why this country is run as it is. Canada is a country held in thrall by a small group of ultra-rich Quebec/Ontario families, and it is run for their profit by their minions,whom… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Well said Don.

Mike Allan

There is hope because Ontario voted conservative by all the people except for a hand full of seats.Thechild has a big decision to make and it’s to protect the Quebec dairy cartel or the Ontario auto industry.President Trump will not screw around.The debt is closing in on a trillion dollars.It’s truly a rotten shame what’s happening in beautiful Alberta and as for Ontario non Canadian people have sucked the life out of welfare and what little jobs were available.Very painful times for the true generations of law abiding citizens that helped build Canada.The people living in the east threw Mr… Read more »


Thanks Don, some of us appreciate the truth even uncomfortable truth. We are experiencing the symptoms from neglecting truth that is uncomfortable.

Sandy r

This isnt directed just to albertans. This is to indigenous peoples. They didnt consult these people, the government is saying, “we are doing this if you like it or not” all the protests, letters, petitions, they’re putting it through regardless. This land isnt for the government to take and they’re anyway. They never listen. And the history of treaties theyre just breaking their promises again. Indigenous peoples getting screwed again.

Keith Hehn

Ya the poor Indians. NOT


There are alot more natives in favor of the pipeline r than there is opposed too it many reserves seen jobs real jobs coming there way and some part ownership it was only the few that were against it and courts and news using natives as the reason for stopping it is to divert blame from trudope and drive a further wedge between first nations and non natives


Good words Spenser…..

Norbert Kausen

Perhaps it is time for Alberta ans Saskatchewan… and Ontario and Quebec to separate from confedertion! The provinces are better capable, being out on their own, away from the federal nanny state, to mske their own deals. The federal government has already detroyed its crediblity as a governing power. It is NOT!!

Shawn Harris

What Justin Trudeau is doing to Alberta and by extension the rest of Canada is not only criminal, but very dangerous in that it causes provinces to be pitted against each otherand divides Canadians and provinces. It also destroys our economy, especially Alberta’s. In reality, Justin Trudeau is just reliving and replaying his father Pierre Trudeau’s last term in office,1980-84. That was when Pierre Trudeau brought in the NEP, which caused the same problems we are seeing now. Justin Trudeau is exactly like his father, bot are nothing but destructive, arrogant narcissistic idiots, that can’t be given another term in… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Spencer I have to admit that I like your style. You started with Trudeau and now you set your sights on NOT-ley (Hey I kind of like that term for Ol’ Racheal. Feel free to use it!) Once those 2 area totally exposed go after Horrigan in B.C. etc, etc…


its trudopes plan, keep everyone divided and poor, dis arm the citizens then road is paved for his dictatorship and he’s made no secret about his love for dictatorship, the new year is going to get alot worse as he tries everything he can to stay in power