Trudeau Government Threatens Alberta After Withdrawal From Climate Plan

“Without those, you will not get a pipeline built,” says Liberal resources minister Amarjeet Sohi.

Rather than take a moment for introspection – perhaps considering why Canada continues to turn against their pathetically failed ‘climate plan,’ – the Trudeau Liberals are threatening those who oppose them.

Amarjeet Sohi – Trudeau government federal resources minister – is threatening Alberta over pipelines after the province withdrew from the federal climate plan following the court ruling against Trans Mountain.

According to a report, “Alberta’s withdrawal from the national climate change strategy may hurt the pipeline in the long run, he said. “In order to build a large project such as a pipeline, you need to have a very effective climate action plan and you need to be mindful of your obligations to consult Indigenous peoples,” Sohi said in an interview Friday with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM. “Without those, you will not get a pipeline built.” 

This is a ‘subtle’ threat by Sohi, and continues the disgusting treatment of Alberta by the Trudeau government.

Sohi is saying that unless Alberta submits to the widely-hated Trudeau-McKenna climate plan, new pipelines won’t happen.

Making this even more pathetic is that pipelines aren’t getting approved even with the Trudeau climate plan. So the best Sohi can offer is to threaten no pipelines when the current plan also offers no pipelines?

What a joke.

The Trudeau government continues to denigrate Alberta, while using the province as a piggy-bank all while they betray the province and strangle the energy industry. Canada can’t afford this kind of horrendous ‘leadership.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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