Trudeau Government Threatens Alberta After Withdrawal From Climate Plan

“Without those, you will not get a pipeline built,” says Liberal resources minister Amarjeet Sohi.

Rather than take a moment for introspection – perhaps considering why Canada continues to turn against their pathetically failed ‘climate plan,’ – the Trudeau Liberals are threatening those who oppose them.

Amarjeet Sohi – Trudeau government federal resources minister – is threatening Alberta over pipelines after the province withdrew from the federal climate plan following the court ruling against Trans Mountain.

According to a report, “Alberta’s withdrawal from the national climate change strategy may hurt the pipeline in the long run, he said. “In order to build a large project such as a pipeline, you need to have a very effective climate action plan and you need to be mindful of your obligations to consult Indigenous peoples,” Sohi said in an interview Friday with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM. “Without those, you will not get a pipeline built.” 

This is a ‘subtle’ threat by Sohi, and continues the disgusting treatment of Alberta by the Trudeau government.

Sohi is saying that unless Alberta submits to the widely-hated Trudeau-McKenna climate plan, new pipelines won’t happen.

Making this even more pathetic is that pipelines aren’t getting approved even with the Trudeau climate plan. So the best Sohi can offer is to threaten no pipelines when the current plan also offers no pipelines?

What a joke.

The Trudeau government continues to denigrate Alberta, while using the province as a piggy-bank all while they betray the province and strangle the energy industry. Canada can’t afford this kind of horrendous ‘leadership.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

Ford and Notley did the right thing. Trudeau’s plan is a total disaster. Lets face it when a leader from the left (Notley) and a leader from the right (Ford) agree that the Boy’s climate plan is not worthy, the Boy should pay attention. Instead of asking them what he could do to make it work, Trudeau throws a dramatized juvenile hissy fit and threatens to punish them. A competent leader would meet with them to see if they all could get on the same page.


Ralph, notley has done nothing to change anything about HER climate scam. It was her & her alone who imposed a carbon tax on Alberta, not groper boy. Nothing is going to change, the carbon tax will not be removed until a line gets built. She will not hold back on increasing it come this January. She along with some of her cohorts are on record of being anti Alberta & anti oil. Her & some close buddies she has appointed are on record of protesting about oil on the steps of the parliament building in Edmonton. She cannot deny… Read more »

Ron Voss

I am more and more coming around to Alberta separating as confederation is broken with no respect for provincial rights.


You are right these puppets are really attacking Alberta, collect your own taxes (as Quebec does) and threaten the Fake feds, someone somewhere in this country has to knock this radical socialist bunch down. I bet if you went state side they would help you be protected, while the province got set up to hold out, Canada owes you a lot.


Notley tell Amarjeet your threat no more transfer payments from Alberta!

Norbert Kausen

The solution is perfectly simple… Alberta, along with Saskatchewan, Quebec… and Ontario, simply secede from Confederation! Confederation, under the liberals and trudeau, has become an absolute and tragic farce! Trudeau and his gang of liberal miscreants MUST be charged with MALFEASANCE and TREASON against Canada and the Canadian people!


Sure Alberta and Saskatchewan would be western Canada and Quebec and Ontario would be central Canada. Both areas would have nothing what so ever to do with each other. Sort of like it is now with Canada and the US.


Norbert & John – Now that the Churchill rail line is being rebuilt, it is not inconceivable that Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and possibly part of Western Ontario join with the Yukon to create an economic partnership. Get the rail built to world standards, put in oil and gas pipelines along the rail and modernize the Port of Churchill and buy two good icebreakers from the States. Shipping could even be possible along the Mackenzie to Inuvik and Tuk which has deep water. This arrangement would effectively isolate BC and protect their precious waters. BC might also invest with this in… Read more »


I’m onside with this. I like the Manitoba-NWT/Yukon-Northern Ontario affiliation. I’m sure the founding fathers and mothers of this new Norwestcan Federation can improve on the following configuration but here is my starting point. *Northern Ontario – draw line from Arnprior west, south-west to Kincardine and across to the Michigan border. Northern Ontario would establish it’s new legislature in beautiful Parry Sound or somewhere else in cottage country. *The elitist/socialist southern Ontario, including Toronto and Ottawa, would be excluded from the new federation. They will join Trudeau in the new state or country of Kebekastan. * The Atlantic Provinces would… Read more »

Mops Jones

Who is this Trudoo…….whoever….whatever…I keep hearing about?

Eric Blair

So way back when Notley was protesting against pipelines and now, as premier, she has had an awakening and realizes that Alberta coffers depend on the oil industry and the need to get oil products to the coast. So now she is backing out of the climate change hustle as way of retaliation for the Federal Court judgement against the pipeline. And now the federal minister of natural resources, from Edmonton incidentally, is saying no climate change support no pipeline. I don’t buy it for one moment! Notley has not changed her spots… she is still against this pipeline and… Read more »

Dan King

It stinks…I’m betting that Horvath, Notley and Trudeau have all hatched a plan.


Back when Alberta consisted of a few American cattle ranchers and a lot of grain farmers who didn’t speak English, Confederation made sense. We now live in a different political, economic and cultural world. Alberta must not submit to Ottawa. If that re-starts the de-Confederation movement, so be it.


That is what the feds want, us all divided but what can we do except that.


Well Sohi, it is YOUR Liberal pipeline so you had better get your ass in gear and start actually doing some work. Falling back on the standard Liberal blackmail doesn’t work.

Pete Korky

Dont worry Mr Sohi the Albertan, your gone in the next election, you wont even stand for your city and province.


He is likely already looking for job.

alan skelhorne

one question mr. fernano, what happens if alberta says no more money for quebec, we are keeping the money for our own province, what do you think trudeau would do, call in his 800 white helmets.

Mel Kozun

Sohi has been a joke his entire political career …


So, according to Sohi, the government needs to be mindful of its’ obligations to Indigenous peoples…..
So, why didn’t the idiotic Liberals do just that re. the pipeline so that the Supreme Court would have had no reason to strike down the building of the pipeline-duh!!!!!!!!!
Trudeau proves once again that he has NEVER been ready for the job!!!

Chris Glassford

Spencer perhaps it’s time for you to help us Albertans who are pushing for separation. God knows it cant get any worse for us.

Mike Allan

I’m just wondering how naughty notley got elected in a conservative province.Sure must be a lot more illegals and libtards then I remember a few years ago.Where are the good old days of the proud Alberta with conservative Ralph Klein at the helm. I hope Alberta and Canadian citizens stand up and fight until the battle is won. I can’t honestly ever remember a libtard gov bringing proparity to any citizens of a province or Canada.


The right vote was split between the conservatives & the wild rose parties causing the ndpee to sneak up the middle. Many stupid people voted for them as a protest vote which they regret now.




Mike – The PC”s, who were Liberals that couldn’t spell, were so hated that ISIS would have won if they had run. The Wild Rose under Daniel Smith committed suicide. The Provincial Liberal Party in Alberta is much like the Greens in BC, uselss except as a place to put a protest vote.

Gerald Procyshen

Sohi is a MP from Edmonton. Didn’t take long to become a federal liberal and turn his back on where he was elected. From infrastructure minister to energy minister but he is talking like a environmental minister.


Notley’s announcement is a con. Nothing changes, Albertans will continue to be taxed out of existence.

Rob Long

Time for the prairie provinces to leave the confederation! We have no voice in Canada so it’s time to leave Canada!

Vladimir Poutine

Notley did not go far enough ! I would have Cancelled the Carbon Tax.


I agree she should have canceled the carbon tax,when’s the next provincial
Election? Can’t be soon enough to get the socialists out and get some
Sensible government back.

Vladimir Poutine

No Pipelines? No Transfer Payments from OILberta.