WATCH: Doug Ford Stands Up For Free Speech At Universities

Great leadership as Ford pushes back against the radical left.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford continues to show strong leadership.

As free speech comes under attack by the radical left and the elitists who often control Canada’s universities, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is pushing back.

Ford has told Ontario colleges and universities that they must introduce a policy to protect free speech by January 1, 2019.

Here’s what Ontario News Now said on Twitter:

“Premier Ford is mandating Ontario colleges and universities to introduce a free speech policy by January 1, 2019. This policy will help protect free speech and foster learning environments that encourage freedom of thought and respectful and responsible debate.”

In a video, Ford went into more detail on the policy, saying “students will have open and free speech. Open dialogue, open debate, they aren’t going to be shut down by the special interest groups and the universities, they’re going to be able to voice their opinion.”

You can watch the video below:

Both Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier tweeted about Ford’s move:

“I’ve been fighting to promote free speech on campuses for a long time, and yesterday we got some great news. Thank you for joining the fight and moving forward on an important policy to make sure students in Ontario have a place to freely debate the issues.”

“Education is a provincial jurisdiction. It’s up to provincial govs to deal with the important issue of free speech on campuses, as the Ford gov has just done. More federal intervention in education, as Andrew Scheer is proposing, is not the solution.

This is a great move by Ford, and other leaders across the country need to join in and stand up for free speech, which is under assault by the radical left – including the Trudeau government pushing things like M-103 and threatening to crack down on our free expression.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thank you Spencer for this good news. Doug Ford has done outstandingly , and on many issues, is reflecting exactly what his base thinks and feels. Another ” Well Done “.


Doug Ford is a great man, it is an honor to have a Premiere like him, now all we need is a great man to be lead Canada, and since Doug Ford backs Andrew Scheer so will I, Spencer if you ran for government I would vote for you, as I think your a great man, but we need you to guide us with your truthful news, and I wish you were mainstream, so we could have your common sense in more articles.
I am going to mail you a check again and hope you can be found this time.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Nancy, the mainstream is sick. I hope Spencer never gets there as he will be “one of them”. We have to be counter-cultural some thing analogous to what the Christian church is SUPPOSED to be but mainly isn’t. Look at that as an example of the mess of going mainstream.

Diane DiFlorio

We should have FREE SPEECH everywhere. Social media is now the worst place to try to share information. If you don’t tow the mainstream agenda you are silenced. I’m really getting sick and tired of trying to find ways around being blocked and silenced, especially political parties that don’t want the dirty facts revealed. No one agrees on everything, and that’s okay, but to delete comments and block further discussions (respectful of course) is not freedom and is a travesty to democracy.

Glad we have you Spencer ! Keep up the great work.

JD MacDonald

Okay, it’s official: “Doug Ford’s awesomeness is only exceeded by his complete and total awesomeness.”

Ron Voss

Although I would agree with Bernier that education is a provincial matter and not a federal matter, nonetheless, we have already seen Scheer back down from his pledge:


Schear is a talker not a doer. He talks but he will not take any action. Showing poor leadership skills. We need Ford leadership in the federal level.


Without freedom of speech there can be no understanding of our world. Our understanding of history depends upon being able to re-visit sources and offer alternative interpretations. Given the fact that the original victors always got to write their story while repressing the losers’ story, our understanding of history, upon which is based our understanding of current events and the road to the future are all compromised. Freedom of speech is the most important aspect of our culture and our politics. Those who suppress it are in essence “war criminals” who desire nothing less than the conquest of our future… Read more »