If Notley Was Actually Standing Up For Alberta, She Would Have Scrapped The Carbon Tax

Leaving the carbon tax in place shatters her credibility when it comes to ‘opposing’ Trudeau.

Following the awful court decision blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Rachel Notley has attempted to transform her political image from a supporter of the Trudeau government to an opponent of it.

In a desperate bid to stop her party from being totally decimated in the next campaign, Notley has taken Alberta out of the Trudeau-McKenna climate plan, leaving the federal plan in ruins.

However, Notley still lacks credibility on the issue, and not just because she brought anti-oil radical activists into the government.

It’s because she’s keeping the hated carbon tax in place.

While she says the tax won’t rise to the level Trudeau wants to force it, it’s still a terrible move to keep it in place at all.

First of all, Notley has basically admitted that any ‘rationale’ for the tax has been wiped out. She’s realized that Justin Trudeau can’t deliver on pipelines, meaning the ‘carbon tax for pipelines’ trade-off has failed.

And second, the carbon tax is devastating to Alberta and the energy industry. It drives away investment, and makes other energy producing regions of the world seem far more attractive for future growth.

By leaving the carbon tax in place, Notley is trying to have it both ways by looking like she’s opposing Trudeau while leaving his failed ideological policies in place.

It won’t work.

If Notley truly wanted to stand up for Alberta, she would have scrapped the carbon tax entirely. Anything less is a failure.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Yup, I absolutely agree with that!

shawn harris

Like all despised leaders, when they see that the public won’t support them and their time in office is dwindling down , they wrap themselves in the flag of protection for the public good. Both Notely and Trudeau are bookends, both are hypocrites and liars, Notely never having campaigned on a carbon tax, Trudeau deceitfully pretending to support the oil industry and pipelines, while secretly dreaming of the day he would be able to declare mission accomplished, the oil; industry is shutdown, phased out and nationalized. Notely’s statement about no longer supporting the national climate action plan, lets just call… Read more »


Until we can get rid of this socialist destruction virus invading Canada, get rid of social justice warriors and the “hate Canada people” and lying Lieberal/ndp foreign UN/soros agendas for their utopia rich peoples world, how can we help Alberta? We can only hope the Conservatives were not too infected with these viruses and that they will repair the horrible mess being made here. Andrew Scheer instead of concerning himself with these Canadian problems is looking to go to India to fix the Trudeau mess there? They are not elected yet, and already worrying about another country and trade, that… Read more »


Compared to any current nuclear technologies, the danger of nuclear “accidents” and needing to deal with nuclear waste, ALL carbon based energy is a clear winner for mankind. Gasoline and diesel powered vehicles offer freedom from government control and monitoring that is lost by going “electric”. If governments are to ban any energy source it definitely should be nuclear. Nuclear is hubris to the nth degree. And while we’re at it, let’s look at the health and environmental dangers of our digital technologies. Our modern technologies are killing us and all other life on the planet. Oil, coal and wood… Read more »


Nothing she says or does will save her from next years election . She was and still is an accident.
Jason Kenney will bring much needed relief, as has Doug Ford to Ontario.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Notley is idealogical and like all humans, motivated by self-interest. Idealogical in that the left are “do or die” radicals bent on saving the world from itself with just more government and the regulations that go with it.


She pandered to Trudeau in advance when she should have used the carbon tax BS for negotiating. Once the pipelines, East & West, were flowing she would consider a carbon tax. Until then, nothing.