Justin Trudeau Can’t Fight Against The Anti-Oil Radicals Because He Agrees With Them

Trudeau has said the oil sands should be phased out. He’s pandered to every special interest group. And he’s used the same messaging as the radical-left when it comes to the Canadian energy industry. He clearly shares their worldview.

The federal government has immense power when it comes to national infrastructure. For example, the government can declare projects like roads and pipelines to be “in the National Interest.” This could be used to help get pipeline projects done at a rapid pace.

The reason those powers exist is that in an emergency situation (such as wartime, societal breakdown, or repeated illegal protests), strong national leadership on infrastructure projects is required.

At one point when he was National Resources Minister, Jim Carr seemed to understand this. He hinted that the military could be used if protesters blocked approved pipeline projects. At the time, I criticized him for saying it, but in retrospect – and given the repeated unlawful opposition and blockades we’ve seen at some projects – it is clear that the military may end up being a necessity to enforce the law (though starting with using the local police or RCMP to enforce the law is still preferable).

However, the Trudeau government quickly backtracked on what Carr has said, and their entire movement since then has been towards further and further pandering towards the radical-left, while strangling our energy industry with more taxes, and a horrendous regulatory process.

All of that has culminated in the court ruling blocking the Trans Mountain expansion. Even though the project had won in court more than a dozen times, yet that wasn’t enough.

Far-left judges, anti-energy industry radicals, and shady foreign interference has conspired to weaken our energy industry, and unfortunately the enemies of Canadian energy are succeeding.

Yet, Trudeau refuses to use the power of the federal government to get pipelines going.

And the reason is quite simple: Trudeau shares the worldview of the anti-oil radicals.

Justin Trudeau sees the energy industry as something negative. He wants the oil sands phased out. He’s talked of how raising gas prices on Canadians is ‘exactly what we want.’ He’s put regulations and restrictions on Canadian oil that he doesn’t apply to foreign oil. And it’s no coincidence that the new ‘approval’ process Trudeau put in place makes it almost impossible to get things approved.

Trudeau can’t openly admit that he’s an opponent of the energy industry, so he, Butts, McKenna, and the others are acting one way in public, while undermining the industry behind the scenes.

Make no mistake, as long as the Trudeau Liberals are in power, the Canadian energy industry is at serious risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau and his family have always been enemies of Canada and it is incomprehensible that Canadians could be so stupid as to vote another one into power. Every action this clown has taken is against our interests and weakens us. Just like his father before him, he betrays our traditional allies and isolates us on the world stage while continuing his love affair with dictators, which by now must be obvious to most that he seeks to become one himself. Canazuela is coming soon if he has his way.

Wendy Lush

“..while continuing his love affair with dictators”

… and his love affair with himself. This utterly vain man is in love with his looks, his family pedigree, his preachy moralizing and his exceptional intellect. (Unfortunately he’s too dumb to see that he has no intellect.)

What a narcissist.

Ron Voss

Justin Trudeau Can’t Fight Against The Anti-Oil Radicals Because He Agrees With Butts who when the president of WWF Canada declared no more pipelines but rather a new (socialist) economy.


So right Spencer but Canadians knew this before Butts and Trudeau ever got voted in? Mckeena as a social justice lawyer also was an obvious. Lieberals with butts behind them in Ontario destroyed us here now Luckily Doug Ford is here to start correcting this and butts corruption has moved to become Lieberal corruption and destruction of the whole of Canada which they hate, along with us Canadians. They must be stopped. I would rather have Mr. Putin as a leader,he at least is doing his best to bring Russia up for the better, than this crowd of fake hateful… Read more »

Don Taylor

I have said it before , the biggest danger to Canada is Trudeau and the Liberals,just like his father back in the early 80’s I know because I was a victim of his insane policies





You may not like what I am going to write. I firmly believe that jihadi Justin is performing ‘an act of jihad on our economy, our way of life, our freedom of speech, accusing us of ‘racism, islamophobia, calling us un-canadians”. He and his thugs in the media and his mps are without a doubt are deliberately sending our nation into downward spiral and we don’t see it. Muslims who have escaped the vile Sharia Law like Sandra Solomon, is/are the ones warning us because she sees it happening before her very eyes. IT IS NOT PRETTY AT ALL. BEFORE… Read more »


Canadians are nothing but mindless sheep. Whine & cry but do nothing. This was the result of the eastern electoral who are the ones who caused this to happen. It was the eastern electoral idiots who fell for the propaganda BS spewed by the liberal loving media, who just happened to get a fat raise after the groper was elected.

don morris

Trudeau has lost the faith of many groups, FN’s, business, private sector Unions who depend on pipeline projects for their jobs, Quebec voters, and possibly even the UAW. So he can’t afford to lose the votes of the greens, who along with the public sector unions and the voters in welfare Canada, aka the Maritimes,always vote Liberal. Thus he will remain as he always was, opposed to any western Canada oil development, as Butts little student of enviro-zealotry. The media still loves him,as do the ps unions,so he has a sizeable advantage, but he can’t afford to lose too many… Read more »

phil alexander

Great, now you have given the Gropinator an excuse to dress up like a service station attendant (kids, ask your grandparents who I mean) and plug in an electric vehicle. Wait, first he must make sure that coal fired plants are not supplying the electricity. Wait, second he must make sure the service station attendants are ethnically diverse and gender equal. Wait, third they must comply with his demand that they subscribe to his abortion dictates which trump all religious and moral beliefs. I am sure there are more conditions.


His hidden agenda of post nationalism is treason no if and or, “Butts”, him too. The energy industry is their warm up. There needs to be a movement to force Trudeau’s agendas into the open making this one up to the people to correct. The muster of Canadians is being tested again. Previous generations including mine built it, you were supposed to protect it. The torch has been fumbled. I don’t think we are up to stopping him thus making Canada’s epitaph, death by apathy. “Ew, don’t rock the boat you might make waves”. The time for Canadians to play… Read more »


Justin who? (irrelevant – and will only remain long enough to collect his portion from the golden goose and a pat on the head for keeping those ‘secrets’ he promised the Head of the Snake) – – – So hard comprehending why people still give away year$ off their live$ to some ‘figure-head’ who’s just a flash in the pan (just as its predecessors), and once that figure head has been used-up, the cycle repeats. (if we haven’t YET NOTICED) You want change? Really?? WHEN! Stop being lazy tools and act ACCORDINGLY – seek the benefits a direct democracy will… Read more »


Spencer, the pipelines and its jobs are one of many jobs leaving Canada because of Jihadi Justin’s radical behavior, his high taxes, strict regulations among other rules. What Canadians don’t know is, ‘HOW MANY JOBS AND BUSINESSES ‘ have already left this nation from coast to coast. If you, Spencer, were to outlines all those companies and snipe of ‘why’ they left, most likely will resonate with all Canadians across this country of the devastation Jihadi Justin’s deliberate intentions are. Just writing on Alberta pipelines is one set of jobs that may not concern Canadians living in Ontario Quebec or… Read more »

Rick Churchill

If there was ever any doubt that the inmates have been running the asylum, we have had an anti-Canadian running the insanity for several years now. Trudeau’s hatred for the Canadian energy sector will not only endear him with the radical left, but will allow him to continue sending billions of our tax dollars to support Islamic extremism.