CBC’s TV Ratings Are A Disaster

Out of the 30 most watched shows in Canada between August 13-19, not a single one was from CBC.

CBC gets about $1.5 BILLION per year in taxpayer funding.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also get private sector ads just like their competitors.

So, they get public money and private money, leading to a totally uncompetitive playing field.

And yet, their ratings are still in the toilet.

According to Numeris, out of the top 30 shows in Canada in terms of ratings between August 13 and August 19, 2018, not a single show was from CBC.

At number one was The Amazing Race Canada on CTV, followed by Big Brother on Global. Global and CTV had the bulk of the most-watched programs, with City TV and even indieNET having shows in the top 30.

To get a sense of how bad CBC’s ratings are, consider that not even one of CBC’s highly-funded programs could beat reruns of Border Security, or Wheel of Fortune.

Plus, this isn’t just about shows that are big in popular culture.

CTV evening News, CTV national news, CTV evening news weekend, CTV late news, Global news Hour, and Global national were all in the top 30.

CBC News or The National? Nowhere to be found on the list.

So, we are paying tons of money to a network that can’t even get people to watch it.


This only furthers the case that we shouldn’t be forced to fund CBC. If they can’t succeed with $1.5 billion per year, why should they keep getting our money?

You can read the full Numeris ratings report here.

Spencer Fernando

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