CBC’s TV Ratings Are A Disaster

Out of the 30 most watched shows in Canada between August 13-19, not a single one was from CBC.

CBC gets about $1.5 BILLION per year in taxpayer funding.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also get private sector ads just like their competitors.

So, they get public money and private money, leading to a totally uncompetitive playing field.

And yet, their ratings are still in the toilet.

According to Numeris, out of the top 30 shows in Canada in terms of ratings between August 13 and August 19, 2018, not a single show was from CBC.

At number one was The Amazing Race Canada on CTV, followed by Big Brother on Global. Global and CTV had the bulk of the most-watched programs, with City TV and even indieNET having shows in the top 30.

To get a sense of how bad CBC’s ratings are, consider that not even one of CBC’s highly-funded programs could beat reruns of Border Security, or Wheel of Fortune.

Plus, this isn’t just about shows that are big in popular culture.

CTV evening News, CTV national news, CTV evening news weekend, CTV late news, Global news Hour, and Global national were all in the top 30.

CBC News or The National? Nowhere to be found on the list.

So, we are paying tons of money to a network that can’t even get people to watch it.


This only furthers the case that we shouldn’t be forced to fund CBC. If they can’t succeed with $1.5 billion per year, why should they keep getting our money?

You can read the full Numeris ratings report here.

Spencer Fernando

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I’m not surprised. Nothing is realistic about the CBC…not its Liberal slant on all the news stories, not the documentaries with the same Liberal slant, nor the comedies and dramas with, yet again, the same Liberal slant.

Gary Fraser

CBC is the baby brother of CNN so no wonder they have lousy ratings probably also fake news like CNN. I’m certain they’re not very friendly towards our president Trump.


I think CBC fashions itself after BBC which is in the U.K., but it’s another left-wing government propaganda broadcasting corporation. CBC, BBC, CNN…they’re all fake news, for sure.


It is time for the biased CBC to raise its own funds. If they can make a go of it on their own, so be it.

Norbert Kausen

It is time to defund the liberal propaganda achine, the CBC! NO more tax-dollars should be squandered on the CBC! Let it sink or swim in the private sector!


Andrew Scheer should announce that Canadians no longer have to support the CBC Lieberal/ndp advertisement media, this would also support Doug Ford’s views, save the country lotsa money! It Would be good news for very many people the CRTC should also be redone.


Almost every show on this list is American, no news there. Canada could never compete with U.S. TV but thats ok . There are more important matters then television . That said, what does matter is this public cesspool called the CBC being forced on the public with either product that almost no one wants or outright government propaganda that no one wants . Weekends are typically especially pathetic. Its very simple . shut it down , sell it and let special interests take over whats left of it on there dime. After all we all have to pay for… Read more »

Barry Bateman

Good article, Spencer Fernando. Could it be that state owned CBC never met an industry it likes? I know their fearmongering cost my cattle industry billions. Today their fearmongering is actually killing people from energy poverty. Disgusting performance CBC. Ever think why your ratings are failing. No one wants to hear your feamongering foolishness.

Ron Voss

“This only furthers the case that we shouldn’t be forced to fund CBC.” Don’t count on the Conservatives. When Brad Trost introduced a private member’s bill to privatize the CBC only 5 other conservative MPs supported his bill.

Mike Allan

That’s an awful number for any conservative voter to have an understanding of. I have such a hard with CBC putting every good conservative policy on the back burner and most times we as Canadian citizens have to go to other means to get the truth. I also believe we need a referendum on the next federal voting ballot to privatize CBC and save 1.5 billion dollars in tax payer money. I see our debt is nearing a trillion dollars. I hope every conservative is sickened by a number of that magnitude.As a long time tax payer I would hope… Read more »

Jim Fehr

That is absolutely true, the Conservatives are working very hard at critiquing the Liberals policy and making very good sense, yet the CBC can’t find the time of day to give them any credit. Whenever I tune into CBC which is not often, all they like to talk about is gender issues and every sentence contains the word, indigenous, like the Indians are really something special. We are all special regardless of skin colour. Enough of discrimination in Canada.

Les H.

In 2018, there is NO reason for a publicly (taxpayer supported) network as the CBC. In the 1930’s government funding of a public radio network from coast to coast to coat could have shown merit. In the 1950’s a publicly funded TV network from coast to coast to coast could have been seen as having merit. With the explosion of first in the 70’s cable media, and now a swelling of online media content and variety, there is no longer a need to provide a taxpayer wallet sucking media network as the CBC is. Government should sell off CBC assets… Read more »


The comments on the CBC website are unbelievably manipulated. The site itself is managed by some firm in or around Boston, and the comments are outsourced to another media firm which controls it in a very Orwellian fashion.

don morris

Doesn’t matter if CBC finishes dead last in every rating on earth, the CBC is here to stay as the propaganda arm of the Liberal party of Canada. A good indication of their bias is Rosemary Barton smiling in her selfie with Justin,one of the most exciting moments in her life. Notice too on CBC programs that much of the outside advertising is from other branches of the government,such as the Armed Forces. I have often called and even E-mailed my MP about a proper audit of CBC’s books, even when Harper was in government, but got only a brush-off… Read more »


I cut cable this summer but access CBC TV content from apps, websites and social media accounts. If all this went away then I’d just rely more on CTV & Global which are just as biased. All that said, CBC will get a ratings boost over the winter and spring with Hockey Night in Canada.

Dave French

PIC show useless Trudeau doing his usual egotistical self, by taking more SELFIE-PICS.
Damn well disgusting but what else would you expect from Trudeau who has the I.Q. of a Pet Rock.!!


the most costly failure in TV world… CBC represents everything that is wrong with leftist culture : and working people pay for this failure due to Liberal frinds employed there.

Eric Blair

So the CBC is in trouble with it ratings and no doubt, the other bastion of all things liberal, the Toronto Star, is also in trouble. Just look at it share price over the last 5 years, down from a high of $8.30 to today at $1.22 with very little volume. It will not be long now for the Star to go the way of the dodo bird. Rogers is trying to sell Maclean’s magazine along with other magazines with liberal slant. My advice for Scheer is to just ignore the CBC and tell them that not enough Canadians watch… Read more »


the only thing worth watching on CBC is Coronation Street and it is British.

Wendy Lush

The CBC is much like the BBC in that it’s a state financed broadcast pushing the government agenda, with one major difference: the BBC does put out quite a few quality shows. Most CBC television shows on the other hand are drivel – unwatchable dreck: 22 Minutes, Schitt’s Creek, yet another Anne remake… One of the only decent intelligent shows was ‘On The Money’ with Peter Armstrong, and CBC just cancelled it citing lack of funds (!) What tf? Or is it an ‘old white male’ problem? Where’s all the money going to anyway? If a tree falls in the… Read more »


You will have a hard time seeing a white face or a real male-gendered person anywhere on CBC. Could that have something to do with. CBC is depressing. All they do is flog victimization, usually by white people. Sick.


Consider the CBC “continuing education”. And comrade … be happy you have the privilege of paying for it.


Time for citizens to swallow the hard truth that neither the Conservatives or Liberals have Canada’s best at heart and both will do exteme damage to this country, while ignoring pleas from voters. We should be giving the Greens a chance to see if they can LEAD instead if LIE.

Michael Ackermann

CBC is this bad because of the public funding, not in spite of it.

Public funding has turned them into the propaganda arm of Big Government and forces people to buy a product no one wants.

Defund them, make them compete in the Free Market, and let them sink or swim based on their own merits.

Ned Rogers

The censorship at the CBC comments boards is biased and extreme. Challenge the misandry the CBC and third wave feminists actively promote through it and the CBC “moderators” will ban your comments as “hate speech” in hours and then delete all the comments you made that the “moderators” already approved.

It’s crazy because the CBC is essentially saying men aren’t human and promoting hate against men is just fine.


What bothers me most about the CBC is that ALL Canadians fund it but is has a complete and unmitigated bias for leftist/feminist ideology. And saying if you don’t like it don’t listen is not the answer. They have a responsibility to be unbiased and just report the news rather than feed us their leftist ideological sermons 24/7 as Canadians of all political stripes are forced to fund it. It is unconscionable that those that do not follow their total bias are forced to fund it through their taxes.

Craig Farrow

This is a good thing as CBC is not getting @trudeau’s message out to Canadians! Appears everything this people kind touches ends in disaster!