Hypocrite Trudeau Gives $1.37 Billion To B.C. NDP Government Despite Pipeline Opposition, While Cutting Funds To Saskatchewan As Punishment For Opposing Carbon Tax

Does he think people won’t notice the blatant double standard?

When Saskatchewan announced that they wouldn’t impose the hated Trudeau carbon tax, the Liberals cut Saskatchewan off from the $2 Billion ‘low carbon fund.’

It was a punishment for ‘daring’ to oppose Trudeau on a ‘federal government priority.’

So what has he done since the B.C. NDP government illegally opposed the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion?

He’s stuck to the same standard he imposed on B.C., showing consistency and fairness by also denying B.C. funding for opposing a ‘federal priority.’


We know he didn’t actually do that. He didn’t show fairness. He wasn’t consistent.

Instead, while he’s punished Saskatchewan, he’s repeatedly rewarded the B.C. NDP government, giving them billions in infrastructure funding since they opposed the Trans Mountain expansion.

In fact, Trudeau just announced (re-announced) $1.37 billion in funding for transit in Vancouver.

It’s massively hypocritical, and it’s an obscene double standard, something pointed out by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

“Trudeau govt funds more major B.C. infrastructure projects despite ongoing opposition to : another $1.37 BILLION in fed $ for Vancouver transit. Meanwhile, SK cut off from $2B Low Carbon Fund b/c we won’t impose Trudeau carbon tax. Talk about double standards.”

With the hypocrisy of punishing carbon tax opponents while rewarding pipeline opponents, Trudeau shows who he is loud and clear: A total hypocrite, and an enemy of Canada’s energy industry.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Timothy Hickey

Where is the money coming from to finance these projects? The Infrastructure Bank?

The Liberals are out of control!

Canadians need to serve notice to those in the planning stages of these projects, that the money wioll not start to flow until the decision of the People is in, in 2019


The money is coming from a credit card Trudeau is using and he intends to make the late payments with carbon taxes on Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Well I guess all the provinces should start next year collecting the taxes from those in their own province, and maybe giving what they think is ?fair to the federal communists, if Quebec is allowed to, fair is fair. They are also with holding to Ontario, and are trying to figure out how to punish Alberta, even more. The Communist transparent country wrecker puppets only have a little over a year left, they must be seeing that no thinking person that likes Canada would vote for them, so they are doing their best to close us up.


Nancy – it doesn’t work quite that way in Quebec. Certainly Quebec has its own tax department, and anyone resident in Quebec has to file two tax returns each year, but the feds still collect certain remittances directly from employers with Quebec-based employees. The federal portione of income tax and EI (a reduced rate) are definitely remitted to Ottawa. Not certain about QPP (the Quebec version of CPP). Employers remit to Quebec the Quebec portion of income tax, and QPIP premiums. At year-end, a Quebec employee gets two slips: a T1 and a Releve 1. So it’s not a simple… Read more »


Is it considered hate speech to say I hate Horgan and I hate Trudeau? Justin Trudeau, possibly the most disgusting lying hypocrite in Canada. This is now standard Liberal blackmail.


Hey, Alberta, turn off the pipeline and sell the oil to the States. NOW.

Les H.

On transit, I do discuss this with others in my life and will touch on it here. Question, Why does the government pay for and operate public transit? It has in our past but why should it in our future? What makes public transit another government sacred cow? We all know that the government on most every project or service it does, costs more and is less efficient, yes maybe oen can find exceptions but mostly it is so. Just remember the late great President Reagan’s quote (The scariest 9 words in the English language.) “I’m from the government, I’m… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Sounds a bit like Influence Peddling to me, which is against the law. Or otherwise a bit like the protection rackets of the Forties and Fifties: pay up or we’ll wreck your economy.