Hypocrite Trudeau Gives $1.37 Billion To B.C. NDP Government Despite Pipeline Opposition, While Cutting Funds To Saskatchewan As Punishment For Opposing Carbon Tax

Does he think people won’t notice the blatant double standard?

When Saskatchewan announced that they wouldn’t impose the hated Trudeau carbon tax, the Liberals cut Saskatchewan off from the $2 Billion ‘low carbon fund.’

It was a punishment for ‘daring’ to oppose Trudeau on a ‘federal government priority.’

So what has he done since the B.C. NDP government illegally opposed the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion?

He’s stuck to the same standard he imposed on B.C., showing consistency and fairness by also denying B.C. funding for opposing a ‘federal priority.’


We know he didn’t actually do that. He didn’t show fairness. He wasn’t consistent.

Instead, while he’s punished Saskatchewan, he’s repeatedly rewarded the B.C. NDP government, giving them billions in infrastructure funding since they opposed the Trans Mountain expansion.

In fact, Trudeau just announced (re-announced) $1.37 billion in funding for transit in Vancouver.

It’s massively hypocritical, and it’s an obscene double standard, something pointed out by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe:

“Trudeau govt funds more major B.C. infrastructure projects despite ongoing opposition to : another $1.37 BILLION in fed $ for Vancouver transit. Meanwhile, SK cut off from $2B Low Carbon Fund b/c we won’t impose Trudeau carbon tax. Talk about double standards.”

With the hypocrisy of punishing carbon tax opponents while rewarding pipeline opponents, Trudeau shows who he is loud and clear: A total hypocrite, and an enemy of Canada’s energy industry.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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