‘OPENNESS & TRANSPARENCY’: Trudeau Liberals Vote Down Motion That Would Have Made Federal Ministers Answer Questions On Trans Mountain Pipeline Debacle

The Trudeau government is denying answers to Canadians.

A motion by the Conservatives to have federal ministers answer questions before a House of Commons committee on the Trans Mountain pipeline debacle has been rejected.

The Trudeau Liberals voted against the motion, meaning that Canadians will be denied answers on how the government plans to respond to the devastating court ruling against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion:

“Liberals vote down committee hearings on Transmountain pipeline, as boondoggle grows.”

After the vote, Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs called the Liberal move “utterly outrageous.”

“It is utterly outrageous that the prime minister has clearly sent the Liberals into committee today to deny Canadians the opportunity to hear about their plan for the Trans Mountain expansion,” she said. “They have failed on the pipeline and now are shutting down questions Canadians. I hope this concerns Canadians in all corners of the country.”

“That is absolutely unacceptable and the prime minister and the cabinet owe Canadians answers,” added Stubbs.

Stubbs is right. This should concern Canadians across the country.

Not only has the Trudeau government messed things up so badly that taxpayers are on the hook for a $4.5 billion pipeline, but the Liberals couldn’t even pass their own regulatory process.

And now, in their arrogance and anti-democratic attitude, the Liberals won’t even answer the questions being put forth by the representatives of Canadians in the House of Commons.

Once again, Justin Trudeau shows no willingness to be accountable or actually serve Canadians. So much for being an ‘open and transparent’ government. That talking point died a long time ago.

Spencer Fernando

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Open and transparent, just yet another Lieberal/ndp communist lie, just like their mainstream media. Is not working in Canada.

Moe. S.

Canadian taxpayers have a right to know why WE have ended up paying 4.5 billion dollars for a 60-year-old pipeline? Meanwhile, Kinder Morgan Canada, Steve Kean, Chief executive of both the U.S. parent and Canadian affiliate, confirmed today, you can see why there have been” no tears shed in Texas.” “We are having a good year.” Yes, their good year is thanks to Trudeau taking our money and giving it to Kinder Morgan shareholders. It’s criminal that no one is being held accountable or made to answer questions for this huge expenditure of taxpayers money.


Frankly speaking, the cpc brought this onto themselves. They should not have allowed the liberals blame the Harper Gov for the liberals’ mess. E.g., Cpc “why is the pm stopping the pipeline from being built?” Lib PM “the conservatives under harper never had pipe line built in their ten years in gov!” Cpc ignores the answer to ask another question relating to their first question and Justin repeats his first answer to almost every question and still not one cpc mp challenged Justin’s repeated answers. When the liberals accused the cons of not building a single pipe line, the cons… Read more »