SURVEY: 17% Say They’re Open To Voting For Bernier Party

Another 12% are unsure.

A survey by Nanos Research for the Globe & Mail reveals that 17% of Canadians say they’re ‘open’ to voting for a party led by Maxime Bernier.

12% say they’re unsure of whether they would vote for such a party or not, while 70% say they would not consider it.

When asked if they agreed with Bernier’s statement that the Conservative Party “is too intellectually and morally corrupt,” 46% said they either disagreed or somewhat disagreed. Meanwhile, 43% either agreed or somewhat agreed.

Furthermore, “They were also asked if there is a need or not a need for a new federal conservative party. A strong majority, 66 per cent, said there is not a need, while 22 per cent said there is a need and 12 per cent said they were unsure.”

Bernier tweeted about the poll:

“Another very encouraging poll, for a party that doesn’t even have a name yet (coming soon!). It can only grow from this base. Remember when the first polls in the leadership campaign were giving me only 4% support?”

The results are similar to what was found in a recent Abacus poll, which showed 13% of Canadians willing to vote for a party led by Maxime Bernier, and the hypothetical party leading the Conservatives in Quebec.

While it is all hypothetical at this point, more details could be imminent, as Bernier is expected to make an announcement next week.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I really really want the communists untruthful puppets gone from our country, right gone, I think this whole Bernier thing will just divide the votes and help the country wrecking ball party to win again, so Bernier is for the collapse of Canada, if we can get the next election done without Bernier dividing us, like Trudeau is already, if this country divides as it will if we cannot stop the communists, I do not blame our prairie provinces and hope then that Ontario either goes with them or separates on it’s own. I do not want civil war, but… Read more »

Maria D

I have been thinking a lot about this and was at one time of the same mind, that this will split the vote and get Trudeau in again. But I have come to realize that the communists have already infiltrated the CPC as well and are working in the background, yet not that much, with there socialistic ideas in which the CPC are not willing to stand up against. REMEMBER: The communists want to destroy the very fabric of our society, everything that is based on faith, family and freedom. The BIG PROBLEM IS THAT THE CPC DO NOT STAND… Read more »