Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Failure Destroyed 8,000 Jobs, With More Losses To Come

The damage will continue to spread.

Eight thousand jobs were lost in a flash when the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was blocked says a pipeline worker.

The failure of the Trudeau government to get through the process they created is going to hurt many people, and the damage will only get worse.

Writing for Pipeline News, Brian Zinchuk recounted what a pipeliner told him:

“In the aftermath of the Federal Court of Appeal’s horrendous decision to stop work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, this is what one pipeliner told me that day: “Eight thousand jobs disappeared this morning, and one of them was mine.” He was already at work on the project. His whole life for the next several years was wrapped up in the project. In the coming days, it is all but certain his job will be gone, like the thousands of other people who had aligned their lives with this project. Many of those act as subcontractors, with their own welding firms or consulting firms. That means there will be no employment insurance for them. And since many other jobs are already crewed up for the season, it may be tough to find other work.”

And that damage won’t be contained:

“Those consequences are coming home, right now, to those thousands of workers. It will also come home to the hotel owners whose rooms were cancelled by the hundreds. You can’t do a $7.4 billion project and not have enormous financial spinoff. That’s all gone to hell in a handbasket.”

And we know the consequences will spread even beyond this project. The blocking of the expansion has sent a devastating message to investors, who now look at Canada and see a government that is incompetent and that refuses to support the Canadian energy industry.

That mean projects that would have taken place won’t happen, with many thousands of jobs never created.

Meanwhile, taxes in the U.S. are going down, regulations are being removed, and countries around the world are actually supporting their energy industries rather than strangling them – and that’s where investment will go.

The consequences for Canada are devastating, with the nation becoming more and more divided, and foreign countries getting richer and more powerful while we are weakened internally.

Our nation and our workers will be paying the price for Justin Trudeau’s failures for a very long time.

As I said on Twitter, this really feels like the total betrayal of Canada’s energy industry:

“The Trudeau government is strangling our Canadian energy industry, while continuing to import oil from foreign countries. They’re betraying Canadian workers, while enriching overseas dictatorships. That may not fit the legal definition of treason, but it certainly feels like it.”

Spencer Fernando

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