WATCH: Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs Slams Trudeau Liberals For Trans Mountain Failure

“They owe Canadians answers on exactly how they failed to deliver on the consultations they announced in 2016.”

The Conservatives pushed the Liberals for an emergency meeting in Parliament to discuss the unfolding Trans Mountain pipeline debacle.

The Trudeau Liberals had repeatedly attacked the Conservatives for supposedly failing to consult properly when it came to natural resources projects, and promised a new system to ‘fix’ the ‘problem.’

But as we all saw, the Liberals filled miserably under their own system, losing in court under the process they themselves imposed.

Now, the Conservatives are demanding answers, as many thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are on the line.

In the video below, Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs rips into the Liberals, and discussed why the Conservatives called for the emergency meeting:

The Trans Mountain debacle is an epic failure by the Trudeau Liberals, which discredits not only their entire ‘strategy’ on pipelines, but reveals their ‘climate plan’ and carbon tax to have been nothing but a total farce and deception from the very beginning.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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