POLL: Vast Majority Of Canadians & British Columbians Support Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

Projects supported by the Canadian people shouldn’t be held up by the radical left. The government needs to get the pipeline going now.

A new Abacus Data poll shows that a clear majority of Canadians support the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

And, contrary to the position taken by the radical left and the B.C. NDP, the vast majority of British Columbians support the project as well.

The poll shows 70% of Canadians saying the government must “do the necessary work and continue to move forward with the project,” while just 30% say “drop the project.”

The numbers are similar in B.C., with 67% supporting the project, and just 33% saying it should be dropped.

This poll shows that opposition to the pipelines (much of which is funded by foreign enemies of Canada trying to destroy our energy industry), doesn’t represent most Canadians and is a fringe view.

The government – and the courts – must stop listening to the far-left, and start acting in our national interests. The Canadian People want the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to happen, and it needs to get done without delay.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube