POLL: Vast Majority Of Canadians & British Columbians Support Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

Projects supported by the Canadian people shouldn’t be held up by the radical left. The government needs to get the pipeline going now.

A new Abacus Data poll shows that a clear majority of Canadians support the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

And, contrary to the position taken by the radical left and the B.C. NDP, the vast majority of British Columbians support the project as well.

The poll shows 70% of Canadians saying the government must “do the necessary work and continue to move forward with the project,” while just 30% say “drop the project.”

The numbers are similar in B.C., with 67% supporting the project, and just 33% saying it should be dropped.

This poll shows that opposition to the pipelines (much of which is funded by foreign enemies of Canada trying to destroy our energy industry), doesn’t represent most Canadians and is a fringe view.

The government – and the courts – must stop listening to the far-left, and start acting in our national interests. The Canadian People want the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to happen, and it needs to get done without delay.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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”Projects supported by the Canadian people shouldnt be held up by the radical left”.
This Federal Liberal government IS THE RADICAL LEFT.
Sorry Spencer I couldnt resist the obvious.

Glen Aldridge

Hmm. I think your Poll is skewed especially since the majority in BC were against the expansion. Maybe this Poll didn’t take into account several factors like how the forced expansion was illegal, was doing damage to existing First Nations water supply & livelihoods. Polls can be made to justify anything if you leave out enough crucial information. Since the courts also agreed that the whole pipeline deal was handled without proper authorization, consultation & approval of those effected by the expansion doesn’t that tell you the project reeks of corruption & greed?

Brian Dougan

Glen; you must know by now that Trudeau’s elitist government could care less what ordinary Canadians want; or think. Ordinary Canadians; as in “not belonging to a special interest group.” Abacus is not a fly-by-night polling group; they take their work seriously. They are often cited by typically left-wing media. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abacus_Data Regardless of what one thinks of polls–The Canadian energy industry is in jeopardy. Do you not agree? By the way; are you an insider; or a poll specialist? Exactly how was the expansion “forced”? This country does environmental and “First” “Nations” studies to death. My scare quotes are intentional.… Read more »


Hmm. Pretty much everything I’ve read on this subject suggests that far more First Nations are in favor of this project than against it, and those against it are being funded with foreign money hostile to our energy industry. And we all know that Justin ” if I could phase out the oilsands tommorow I would” Trudeau is most certainly against this project as well. This country is broken.

Brian Dougan

Glen: How does one know the first BC poll wasn’t skewed to favor the NDP and the environmentalists? Is it so easy to twist and manipulate polls results? Seventy percent for or against?? A false number? Trudeau’s duplicity and excuses are wearing thin. Isn’t it possible–in the time between polls–that BC residents came to their senses? These polls aren’t forecasting political wins or losses. Those kind of poll results are often dead wrong. This time; we’re talking about livelihoods. We need clean air and water; but; unlike Trudeau; our budgets don’t balance themselves. People need to work for a living.

Sewer Rat

Well, that’s fine. Once Alberta gets a new premier with a set of balls, we’ll just cut off the oil to BC. Enjoy your gas shortage at $5/Ltr. Oh, and watch as your crap economy disintegrates even further.


A project that provides thousands of jobs, millions of dollars into homes of workers and their families,provides Canada protection from relying on foreign oil, billions of dollars into Canada economy is far from corruption and greed.

shawn harris

Pipelines and the oil industry are an existential economic part of Canada that must be absolutely supported without question. The single biggest reason for the mess our oil industry is in now, is Trudeau. If any pipeline or oil development project is to ever again to be approved, we need a Prime Minister who will put the economic interests of Canada and Canadians ahead of his own political ideology and not listen to a very small, but vocal , well funded group of leftist rebels. Who would rather gleefully cheer on the demise of the oil industry, while watching Canada… Read more »


7 out of 10 Canadians want the project? Really? People vote in their own interest…
If we asked if all the trees and oil in Alberta and BC should be used to build and heat homes cheaply in Ontario and Quebec, 7 out of 10 Canadians would say great!
The question is, Should we continue on the path of oil, at the risk of destroying the ocean environment and economy in the third largest Canadian city?