VIDEO: Poilievre Demands Answers For Taxpayers After Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Failure

“We all represent the shareholders, and we want a shareholder meeting.”

With the Trudeau government flailing around trying to spin their Trans Mountain expansion failure, the Opposition has been demanding answers.

In an emergency meeting called by the Conservatives, Pierre Poilievre pointed out that the Canadian people are now shareholders of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and thus are entitled to a “shareholder meeting” to get answers on where things stand.

“Because management has failed, and we have $4.5 billion of taxpayers money that has now gone out the door, for a project that this government cannot even begin to complete because a court found that the Prime Minister’s process violated the law and the procedure necessary for it to occur.”

You can watch Poilievre’s comments below:

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals voted down the request for a ‘shareholder meeting,’ hiding from accountability for their failure.

The Trudeau government can’t even follow their own process, and now they’re trying to shift blame from others while denying answers to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I am sure trudope and his cronies believe it belongs to them , but who is manning it now that sale is finalized? Some liberals at twice the pay of Kinder Morgan staff ??

Ralph Knapp

Why should Canadians expect Trudeau to do anything we should expect a Prime Minister to do when he has shown us he’s not interested in doing the job except if there’s photo ops involved.


Trudeau is an amazing Man!
What I find amazing about him is how SUCH A NORMAL SIZED HEAD, CAN HOLD SO MUCH “STUPID” !


Rights and responsibilities of shareholders After paying for their shares, shareholders have the right to: vote at the shareholders’ meeting (if their shares have a right to vote) receive a share of the profits (dividends) of the corporation receive a share of the property of the corporation when the corporation is dissolved be notified about shareholders’ meetings and attend them elect and dismiss directors approve by-laws and by-law changes appoint the auditor of the corporation (or waive the requirement for an auditor) examine and copy corporate records, financial statements and directors’ reports receive the corporation’s financial statements at least 21… Read more »

ann harris

Most Canadians now know that Canada doesn’t have “impeachment” (a way to rid the Country of an evil leader). As far as I know, Canada has no equivalent. Unfortunately, most of us Canadians have no idea if we have any legal means by which we can rid ourselves of a leader who is literally ruining our nation (perhaps deliberately). If there is a fair and legal process, what is it and surely someone with knowledge of such things would have taken action by now. In no way would it be premature to do so. If we are at the mercy… Read more »

don morris Yes,under the British parliamentary system, a Canadian PM CAN be impeached, but as it must be done by a majority in the House, AND the PM is the leader of the majority in the House, it is so unlikely to occur, it isn’t worth talking about. The MP’s are followers, not leaders, and are subservient to the guy who brought them to power,and in this case that guy is Justin Trudeau. The last time impeachment proceedings were brought ,was in Britain in 1806. Under the current bunch of leeches and trough hogs representing the LPC in parliament, the… Read more »

Fed up.

What Trudeau is doing is impoverishing the Canadians so that most will be dependent and enslaved by his gov’t and that folks is communism.