VIDEO: Poilievre Demands Answers For Taxpayers After Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Failure

“We all represent the shareholders, and we want a shareholder meeting.”

With the Trudeau government flailing around trying to spin their Trans Mountain expansion failure, the Opposition has been demanding answers.

In an emergency meeting called by the Conservatives, Pierre Poilievre pointed out that the Canadian people are now shareholders of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and thus are entitled to a “shareholder meeting” to get answers on where things stand.

“Because management has failed, and we have $4.5 billion of taxpayers money that has now gone out the door, for a project that this government cannot even begin to complete because a court found that the Prime Minister’s process violated the law and the procedure necessary for it to occur.”

You can watch Poilievre’s comments below:

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals voted down the request for a ‘shareholder meeting,’ hiding from accountability for their failure.

The Trudeau government can’t even follow their own process, and now they’re trying to shift blame from others while denying answers to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter