68% Of Canadians Want Face-Coverings Like The Niqab & Burka Banned In Public. So Why Doesn’t Any Political Party Represent That Point Of View?

Many countries in Europe are waking up and making it clear that oppressive and barbaric practices have no place in free nations. Yet, none of Canada’s federal parties are willing to represent a view held by the clear majority of Canadians.

One of the most serious threats to the future of our nation is the growing gap between the views of the Canadian People, and the views put forward by the top contending parties.

And when it comes to Canadian identity, and what is, and isn’t acceptable in Canada, those in power are often totally unwilling to actually stand up for what Canadians want.

Nowhere is that more obvious than on issues like the full face coverings of the Niqab and Burka.

In response to the overwhelming views of their populations, many countries in Europe have cracked down and made clear that full face coverings will not be allowed.

And here in Canada, the Canadian People have made themselves very clear in polls: Full face coverings like the Niqab and Burka are not welcome.

A poll by Ipsos Public Affairs showed that 68% of Canadians supported a law similar to Quebec’s Bill 62 – which stated that removing a full face-covering was required in order to either give or receive public services.

76% of Quebecers supported it, and that support was strong in other provinces as well:

In B.C., 69% supported it, in Alberta 64% supported it, in Saskatchewan and Manitoba 69% supported it, in Ontario 66% supported it, and 57% of people supported it in Atlantic Canada.

So, it’s a policy on clarifying Canadian identity and making clear what our country will and won’t accept. Over two-thirds of Canadians want the face coverings banned in public. Yet, no political party is willing to stand up for it federally.

The Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP all opposed the idea of a face-covering ban, showing a disturbing disconnect that leaves many millions of Canadians unrepresented and disenfranchised.

This must change. The longer the true views of Canadians are ignored, the more anger will grow beneath the surface, and the more our democracy will fall into pieces.

Spencer Fernando

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