Afghan Man Who Stabbed Americans In Amsterdam Blamed ‘Insults’ To Islam

A totally sick mindset.

The 19-year-old Afghan man who stabbed two Americans in Amsterdam – Jawed S. – blamed his attack on “insults to God, the Koran and Islam’s Prophet Mohammed” according to Reuters.

The terrorist also reportedly cited Geert Wilders – a politician in the Netherlands who has stood up against the rising threat of Islamism.

Of course, the fact that the attacker is blaming his attack on people exercising free speech only serves to demonstrate the sick and diseased thinking of the radical Islamists.

Christians and people of all other faiths regularly get insulted, yet it seems only the Islamists react to insults by stabbing and trying to kill people.

There is clearly a specific problem with extremist Islam, and the Western World must confront it before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube