DEFENDING OUR HISTORY: Huge Majority Of Canadians Want John A. Macdonald’s Name & Image Protected

A mere 11% fringe want his name and image removed from public view.

Judging by the actions of many pathetic pandering politicians, you would think that lots of Canadians support scrapping John A. Macdonald’s image from public life.

Yet – as you probably already knew instinctively – those who want to wipe out Macdonald’s name and image are just a tiny fringe.

According to an Angus Reid poll, just 11% say “the name and image of John A. Macdonald should be removed from public view.”

Meanwhile, 70% say “the name and image of John A. Macdonald should remain in public view.”

19% say they aren’t sure.

What makes this so interesting is that the media and the political class regularly act as if there’s some widespread support for destroying Canada’s history. Yet, we repeatedly see that it’s only some fringe extremists making these demands.

By giving in to the extremists, those in power reveal themselves as either radical left extremists themselves, or as too weak and cowardly to stand up for our history and stand up for what the overwhelming majority of Canadians want.

This is why regular Patriotic Canadians need to make it clear that any politician who panders to those seeking to destroy Canada’s history will be punished at the ballot box. Whenever you see a politician who even considers giving in to the extremists, get in touch with them and tell them exactly what you think about it. Help make it clear that the Canadian majority will fight back against the fringe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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