Delusional Trudeau Tries Shifting His Trans Mountain Pipeline Failure To Stephen Harper

Absolutely pathetic.

Everybody knows that the court decision blocking the Trans Mountain is an absolute disaster. It destroyed 8,000 jobs in a flash, and threatens many more jobs down the road.

It also sent a horrible message for future investment, which is already causing companies to hold off on expanding in Canada’s energy industry.

And, it revealed that the Trudeau government is so pathetically incompetent that they can’t even get through their own ‘approval’ process.

Beyond all of that, we also know this: Trudeau has been in power for nearly three years, meaning what happens now is all on him and the Liberals.

Yet, Justin Trudeau continues to spread delusional propaganda, trying to spin the court ruling as something that he can somehow shift to Stephen Harper.

Here’s what Trudeau recently said when he was in Edmonton:

“We’ve already done a lot more than the previous guys did, but we’re going to do more to make sure this pipeline gets built in the right way.”

“Can you imagine what the court ruling would have said if Stephen Harper had still been prime minister?”

Justin Trudeau shows a pathological inability to take responsibility for anything. Making things even more absurd, Trudeau regularly attacked the Conservatives for ‘not consulting enough,’ and then, when a court ruled against him for the very same reason, he somehow claimed he was better than the previous government.

Trudeau’s obsession with blaming Harper shows that he and the Liberals have nothing positive they can say about themselves, since their time in government has been nothing but failure. So much for ‘sunny ways’ and ‘positive politics.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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