Delusional Trudeau Tries Shifting His Trans Mountain Pipeline Failure To Stephen Harper

Absolutely pathetic.

Everybody knows that the court decision blocking the Trans Mountain is an absolute disaster. It destroyed 8,000 jobs in a flash, and threatens many more jobs down the road.

It also sent a horrible message for future investment, which is already causing companies to hold off on expanding in Canada’s energy industry.

And, it revealed that the Trudeau government is so pathetically incompetent that they can’t even get through their own ‘approval’ process.

Beyond all of that, we also know this: Trudeau has been in power for nearly three years, meaning what happens now is all on him and the Liberals.

Yet, Justin Trudeau continues to spread delusional propaganda, trying to spin the court ruling as something that he can somehow shift to Stephen Harper.

Here’s what Trudeau recently said when he was in Edmonton:

“We’ve already done a lot more than the previous guys did, but we’re going to do more to make sure this pipeline gets built in the right way.”

“Can you imagine what the court ruling would have said if Stephen Harper had still been prime minister?”

Justin Trudeau shows a pathological inability to take responsibility for anything. Making things even more absurd, Trudeau regularly attacked the Conservatives for ‘not consulting enough,’ and then, when a court ruled against him for the very same reason, he somehow claimed he was better than the previous government.

Trudeau’s obsession with blaming Harper shows that he and the Liberals have nothing positive they can say about themselves, since their time in government has been nothing but failure. So much for ‘sunny ways’ and ‘positive politics.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

all Trudeau does when he fails is blame some one else ,I haven’t seen him take responsibility for any thing has gone wrong for him,he is a disaster waiting to happen,He acts like a kid that has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and still deny that he was trying to get a cookie, a spoiled brat that should never have been a PM or anything else that requires a person to take responsibility for their actions


He doesn’t own anything because he would then be choking on “I” all the time. His ineptitude is very obvious……..has been from the beginning, but with each passing incident he is proving that he not only applied for a job that he wasn’t qualified for, but for a job he will NEVER be qualified for. He doesn’t learn from his failures, he looks for someone to blame for him not being smart enough to get any job done.

Paul Francis

Don, “disaster waiting to happen”. I think he is the disaster that is happening.

flightless butterfly

Paul, one of the most obvious disasters in the making is the illegal border crossers. There’s absolutely no room to house all that have come and not even a hint of a conversation about where more are going to stay, and we know there will be more because they refuse to close the loophole. It seems they have no plan and that’s what scares me the most. Hotel rooms are going to run out, then what? Sleeping on Canadian winter streets is going to be toughest on Africans and Haitians, I don’t want to see anyone suffer. Yet, it seems… Read more »


The left just does NOT get it. The “Liberal” Mantra…
Deceive. If that doesn’t work.
Deny. If that doesn’t work.
Deflect. If that doesn’t work. Denigrate.
If all else fails, scream RACISM, SEXISM or blame Harper!

Nolan Diamond

The left wing Liberals & their media, gets what they are doing & don’t care. Those that continue to vote for Trudeau, are no better. Leftism in any country, degrades everything with blameless pride.


“Justin Trudeau shows a pathological inability to take responsibility for anything. ” This is one of the classic symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. Disregard for laws and rules as well as lying is yet another. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is an umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. These effects include physical, mental, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities, with possible lifelong implications. It is commonly known that Maggie partied with rock groups and Trudeau’s mental and emotional instability is probably a confirmation of that. He really is not fit… Read more »


Q: Although it may seem risky, I’m about to hire a total stranger, and a former mime from a circus-sideshow to run my business for the next four years, and he wants absolute power to do as he likes.
And if his performance doesn’t meet my expectations or that of others, there is a chance I may lose everything I’ve ever worked for.

Should I hire him?

Trudy Craig

WEll somebody did


The idiots in the east are the ones who ‘hired’ this imbecile. Sure hope they are happy….

Ron. Wood

The trouble is that the Liberals swallow this rhetoric and paste it like it was fact. There just doesn’t seem to be any way to fix thus stupidity. The other part of this horrible situation is the division in the “conservative minded” school of thought. There isn’t time to put a new leader into the top seat and I’m not sure there’s enough people who are willing to vote CPC in for a stopgap until a more accepted leader is found.


What infuriates me the most is that ‘the cons allow Jihadi Justin insult accuse and blame their former leader and PMSH of nine years in power of the mess the liberals purposely created, without a single word of correction to Justin’s accusations. Until the cons realize what jihadi Justin is doing and say something to defend their record, Jihadi Justin will not stop blaming the cons for his own mess. And another thing Spencer, NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING’ jihadi Justin does and/or his bandits of mps in his gov do, can be done ‘WITHOUT ‘ WITHOUT THE MEDIA’ S… Read more »

David MacKAY

Over coffee at Tim Hortans we are already hearing noise from other tables that NAFTA was a Mulroney Conservative creation and was not a good deal for Canada??!!

Must be that Trudeau wants to Cancel Mulroney NAFTA and replace it with Justins NAFTA to make the Moreaus of Canada richer by further exploiting CanadianS LIKE BACK IN THE OLD DAYS. With a middle finger to the foolish Canadian who voted Liberal.

David MacKAY

So Trudeau shut down the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Shut down the energy East Pipeline, exhausted the patience of the West Coast LNG plant now cancelled, Passed law forbidding Tankers in West coast Canadian waters, (Is this all sounding like a plan?) and now Trans Mountain Pipeline not allowed to upgrade or increase flow for the NEW AMERICAN REFINERIES (is that 4 or five) built in Washington state to take the increased Trans Mountain pipeline flow. SO…are these New Oil Production facilities going to sue Trudeau? Is this Canadian oil mess just one more of the growing list of reasons the… Read more »