Justin Trudeau Says Bill C-69 Will Help Get Pipelines Approved. In Reality, It Will Be Devastating For Canada’s Energy Industry.

“Because we’re hearing from companies that would be natural proponents to develop the Canadian resource industry, simply saying: ‘We’re not even going to apply.’”

As the cost of the Trans Mountain pipeline debacle continues to escalate, Justin Trudeau is trying to claim that Bill C-69 – which ‘revamps’ the environmental assessment program – will somehow help get projects approved:

“We put forward a revamped environmental assessment process in Bill C-69, that moves forward and strengthens environmental assessments and strengthens partnerships with Indigenous peoples, but also provides greater clarity for proponents and industry so that they know if they go through this process they are much less likely to be slapped down with a court case like [Trans Mountain],” said Trudeau.

But as always, Trudeau is lying.

The reality is that Bill C-69 will absolutely devastate the energy industry.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, here’s what Independent Senator Doug Black of Alberta said about it:

“Under this proposed legislation, we’re not going to need to worry about the time for projects and the opposition of projects. because we’re hearing from companies that would be natural proponents to develop the Canadian resource industry, simply saying: ‘We’re not even going to apply.’”

Additionally, the former CEO of TransCanada said Bill C-69 was ‘”an absolutely devastating piece of legislation” warning that pipeline companies would not propose new projects in Canada if the bill comes into force.”‘

That’s the reality. Everything Trudeau does further weakens our energy industry, showing his fundamental disloyalty and opposition towards Canadian oil.

Behind the scenes, we can imagine that Saudi Arabia and our other oil producing competitors are laughing at us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau is going to request 2 pipelines built – one male pipeline (painted blue) and one female pipeline (painted … you guessed it… pink!). This will maintain his gender equality, above all else, agenda. Aren’t we lucky to have this forward thinking PM?

don morris

I think the whole world,outside the Left-wing msm bubble is laughing at Canada. For Allah’s sake,we are represented by a guy who played Mr.Dressup in India, making himself a laughingstock on the world stage, exacerbated by his having a terrorist at an official function, a PM who failed in trade agreements with China, India and the USA, so how else would the world see us? And the people who are chuckling the most are the Eastern Canada power cartel who ship all that ME oil to their Eastern Canadian refineries, and completely cut the West out . this is no… Read more »


And that is the exact reason that Alberta needs to separate from the dictatorship in the east. Much of the west would leave as well.

Dave Bainard

FFS Jr will shut down a pipeline even if bigfoot approves.


The Left lies. It’s as simple as that.


Justin was Born a spacecadet and Our PM has Only got worse every year as he ages! He cannot handle the Burden of the Office, He has made his Mark on History already as I don’t think that any other sitting PM has Broke as many sections of the Canadian Criminal Code while in Office ?

Ed Peebles


Trudeau’s subterfuge continues to escalate. I wonder how many Canadians realize exactly what he said in his interview with the New York Times. He told the Times “Canada is becoming a new type of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a pan cultural heritage. There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada, and I will see Canada as the first post national State”… That feeling in your guts is freedom evaporating. He has gone rogue and Canadians are due for an attitude adjustment one way or another. Read and reread his statement until… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Devastating the oil industry and shutting it down is part of the plan. Trudeau told us before his election that this was his aim.