POLL: Canadians Are Getting Fed Up With Endless Apologies For The Past

Angus Reid poll shows majority of Canadians saying Canada “spends too much time apologizing for residential schools.”

A new survey by Angus Reid shows that Canadians are getting fed up with the endless apologies for the past.

57% say that Canada “spends too much time apologizing for residential schools,” while 31% say “the harm from residential schools continues and cannot be ignored.”

Of course, what the poll didn’t mention is that it’s possible to both recognize that residential schools caused harm, and also be fed up with politicians constantly apologizing for it just to get their name in the news.

The poll shows 51% of Canadians support a “national day for truth and reconciliation” statutory holiday, while 53% support a non-statutory “day of remembrance” for truth and reconciliation.

When it comes to the partisan breakdown, 84% of Conservatives say Canada has done enough apologizing, as do 50% of Liberals, and 40% of New Democrats.

The fact that a majority of Canadians say the country does too much apologizing represents a growing backlash to the efforts of those who are trying to destroy Canadian history and subvert Western Civilization. Western Civilization has produced the greatest countries on earth, yet those like Justin Trudeau are trying to denigrate, demonize, and destroy our past by acting as if it’s nothing but “oppression,” despite the fact that Western nations are the least oppressive places in human history.

It seems that more Canadians are starting to wake up to the need to defend our history.

Spencer Fernando

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The Victoria Mayor, L. Held, is a shining example of the continuing pathetic process of erasing history. This endless bottomless “reconciliation” thing is horrible overblown and simply perpetuates the “victimhood” of indigenous people. They would do better if they stopped placing such emphasis on history and started living for today and the future, because it’s 2018. Our history isn’t perfect, just like the climate, but it is what we have. We have to learn from it. Erasing it is impossible.

Brian Dougan

What’s wrong with this statement: 31% say “the harm from residential schools continues and cannot be ignored.” Tell me–How do they know? Do they all work in residential schools? Do they all somehow have first-hand knowledge? I thought as much. Then; how can “31%” responding to an Angus Reid poll be so certain? It’s highly likely that they were just regurgitating deliberate lies and exaggerations from the Main Street Media. In other words; hearsay from a media with a visceral hatred for all things rooted in the West. It never ends. What if the residential schools had never been established?… Read more »


Residential Schools WERE harmful. That’s simply a fact. This type of comment does little to help. The problem was at residential schools the children didn’t actually get much of an education at all. They were too busy doing all the chores to keep the place going. This is a big complaint of Native elders,they left school with very little formal academic education. The They were also fed terrible diets–we all know a good diet is foundational to academic success these days. Also, do you have children? Would you like to send your 5 year old off to school, miles and… Read more »


” Western Civilization has produced the greatest countries on earth, ”

You wish !!!


so which countries have produced the greatest countries then? Give me a list please.


A good way to apologize for the past is to actually LEARN from it. Hard to believe these apologies are sincere when Trudeau is handing off Canada to the highest bidder, on the West Coast, this is the mainland Chinese, but other groups too. We are still doing immigration in much the same way, if not worse, because originally many of the Canadian immigrants/settlers were those fleeing persecution or looking for a better life. The latest wave of “immigrant investors” are looking to buy real estate and couldn’t care less about Canada. If Indigenous people in Canada think that the… Read more »