RETRACTION REQUIRED: Establishment Media Falsely Claims Maxime Bernier Was Criticizing Racial Diversity

Bernier never mentioned race, so the media just made things up instead.

The establishment media seems to be on a mission to destroy their own credibility.

The latest example is a despicable segment on CTV Power Play featuring pollster Nik Nanos.

On the segment, Power Play host Don Martin said this about Bernier leaving the Conservative Party:

“This all started when he said Canada is too racially diverse basically.”

Except, Bernier never said that.

He never once brought up race.

Making the despicable media segment even worse, CTV pollster Nik Nanos then did a poll on the following question:

“Opinions on Racial Diversity”

So, not only did they falsely say that Bernier talked about racial diversity, they used that lie to craft a poll question.

And is if that wasn’t bad enough, they then mentioned that 26% of respondents said there was “too much racial diversity,” and claimed that group is who Bernier would want to “build his party on.”

They literally created a fake narrative, built a poll on that narrative, and then used that poll to further push the narrative that they made up in the first place.


On Twitter, Maxime Bernier pushed back:

“What’s all this nonsense about me being against too much “racial diversity”? I never once talked about race. I don’t care one bit about people’s race. I care about shared culture and shared values. You’re losing all credibility by inventing this stuff .”

This is absolutely disgusting, and it’s why so many people are turning against the increasingly corrupt mainstream media.

A retraction for the despicable story must be issued, along with an apology to everyone they tried to deceive with that garbage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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