SOCIALIST STRUGGLE: Under Jagmeet Singh, The NDP Is Running Out Of Money

Looks like they’re running their party the way they run governments.

The socialists are struggling under Jagmeet Singh, running out of money and watching as Veteran MPs head for the exits.

In a funny echo of the way they manage governments when they have power, the NDP is spending much more money than they bring in, having raised just $5.9 million in 2017, while spending $7.2 million.

As noted by John Ivison, “The reasons are obvious. While the Liberals and Conservatives have been vying for primacy in the opinion polls, the NDP has been becalmed at around 15 per cent support — almost exactly where they were when Singh was elected leader in October. He is judged by just 7 per cent of Canadians to be their preferred prime minister, according to this week’s Nanos Research tracker poll, leaving him statistically tied with the Green Party’s Elizabeth May.”

The NDP may even end up having to remortgage the Jack Layton building, in what would be a humiliating moment for the moribund socialists.

Jagmeet Singh’s leadership has been a disaster from the start, as he abandoned Canadian workers, ignoring the party’s working class roots and instead going full university social justice warrior.

Singh has also been connected to Khalistani extremists, and his weak response to those connections disturbed many Canadians, and has been devastating for the NDP in their once-stronghold of Quebec.

As a result, numerous long-time NDP MPs – including David Christopherson, Romeo Saganash, and Linda Duncan – have said they won’t run again.

If Jagmeet Singh can’t even manage the finances of his own party, why should he get to run Canada? Once again, the socialists are running out of other people’s money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Canadians only have to look to a once great country that has the largest oil reserves in the world, to see the affects of Socialism first hand in modern times. Canada under the new far left Socialist NDP would ultimately end up in a similar situation. Let’s hope the Federal NDP end up bankrupt before the next election.


Quite a few NDP in BC with Vancouver Island almost covered in Federal socialists. This is odd as a great majority of BC residents like the PC standards with things like the pipeline. The Federal NDP and the lone Green are virtually voiceless in Government. Ours here on the Island concentrate mainly on plastic, abandoned boats, picking Asian garbage off the beaches and cycling in yet another Ride for Cancer. It would be better if they simply rode off into the sunset rather than take up space in Parliament.


I believe Jagmeet is being bought off by the Trudeau Foundation to keep quiet about all the Liberal government’s failures. That is the only solution I can find for how poorly the NDP is doing. It would be so easy to pick just a couple problems the NDP could point out and position themselves as the real solution, but they aren’t. It has to be because he’s getting tipped.